Rumor: BlackBerry 10 Smartphones Release Dates

We have heard a lot from Research In Motion about BlackBerry10 release date, although earlier it was all set to be launched in the last quarter of year 2012 (which we were expecting anywhere around festive season like Christmas) but after the Quarter 2 disappointed results RIM postpone the release of its much awaited, anticipated and already popular BlackBerry10 (believe me – I am holding all my plans to buy my new smartphone…) although RIM CEO “Thorsten Heins” made it clear that everyone can expect the release to be in the First Quarter of year 2013/ and guess what we were able to have a slight peep into the roadmap of Research In Motion for the year 2013. Although, at the first sight it seems to be like a rumor as it is not official yet and above all deficient of some BlackBerry Smartphones.

Following are the expected release of BlackBerry10 Smartphones in the year 2013:

  • January 2013:       BlackBerry10 L-Series
  • February 2013:     BlackBerry10 N-Series
  • May 2013:               BlackBerry10 R-Series and S-Series
  • July 2013:               BlackBerry10 A-Series

If you are a regular reader of our website you must be aware of the attention which has already been gathered by BlackBerry10 L and N series Smartphones. Although we were surprised to hear about BlackBerry R and S series – it seems like RIM was able to successfully hide about it from everyone, but as you know us we will entitled to provide you everything upto our knowledge and later some how we got to know The R-Series may be BlackBerry 10 Curve which is the next generation Smartphones, while the BlackBerry S Series is rumored to be the exact same as R-Series, except it will be running on BlackBerry OS 8 possibly!!!!

As per our knowledge “ARISTO” was the last BlackBerry10 smartphone which was released and we got to know after we saw its leaked images. We want to make a note again that these BlackBerry10 release dates are all rumors and since we have compiled this information from several sources there could be few ifs and buts but rest assured If you love BlackBerry like we do – then RIM is all ready with their BlackBerry10’s for making your year 2013 Fantastic and with lots of surprises.

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