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Future Scheduler application for BlackBerry Smartphones

Are you too forgetful? Ever forgot to send an important text message or even an important email? May be u remembered it till the last time and was just waiting for a perfect time and later it just slipped off your mind. Forget to make a vital phone call? Wishing anniversaries, birthdays and such important stuffs are really important. I’m sure that most of the answer of these questions would be yes, and this is not your fault as over life has became over complicated and a hectic schedule adds to it, forgetting stuff is just really ok, just don’t make it a habit.

Isn’t that would be great if we could send all the important text and emails automatically at the desired time by scheduling them? Appsicum has come to your rescue with Future Scheduler Application and it is compatible on BlackBerry Smartphone. So, next time you need not to panic as you can just schedule all your important text message and even emails about significant business meeting or wishing someone etc as by using Future Scheduler Application you could do all these things systematically and in a less complicated manner. It will certainly help you to focus on various other important things to do in life.

Forget all those sticky notes and reminders you used to remember all the important stuffs and use this Future Scheduler Application to schedule all your wishes, business proposal etc for a future date and time and relax.  Computerize the frequent events & responsibilities from BlackBerry Smartphone. To Schedule Phone Call, Text Message ore even Emails for a future date and time to get relieve from all those organizers & diaries.

Future Scheduler Features

  • Synchronizes with calendar
  • Create alerts
  • Import contacts from Facebook
  • Templates for text & email
  • Several recipients for text & email
  • Snooze for reminders
  • Records of scheduled actions
  • Recurring events – once, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly
  • Instinctive & user friendly interface
  • Update your Twitter and Facebook status
  • Combines with phone book and permits to include addressee expediently.

Click Here to Download

Although this Application is a premium application so if you need to use this application you’ve to pay $1.99 only. Meanwhile you might also be interested in reading about

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Photo Studio Pro Limited Edition – Free for your BlackBerry Smartphone

Turn your BlackBerry Smartphone camera into professional camera and start capturing all those stunning photos from your smartphone. Photo Studio is one of the premium photo editing software that is available for free of cost on BlackBerry Smartphone for a limited period of time. This software is used by everyone including amateurs & professionals photographers that take advantage of this software. Photo Studio provides uncomplicated, yet dominant image dispensation on-the-go. This Photo editing tools will virtually transforms BlackBerry Smartphone into extraordinary photo editing studio.


Photo Studio Pro Features:

  • Share photos straightforwardly from Photo Studio to BBM contacts.
  • All Basic Process like color adjustments, hue, saturation operations with resizing
  • 115 unique filters like Old Style, Vintage, summer mood, Sketch, Blur, Art etc.
  • 12 exceptional special effects
  • Stunning digital frames
  • PicFrames with 60 templates facilitate you to merge several photos into astonishing frames.
  • Color Splash editor
  • Various Magic tools:  Sharpening, red-eyes correction etc
  • Share photos on Social networking websites through BlackBerry Smartphones.
  • Open API for developers
  • Supports all major languages

PRO version includes

  • Unlocked packs
  • Filters set
  • Frames set
  • Christmas Frames 1 & 2
  •  Valentine’s Day Frames
  • Color Splash editor
  • Summer Frames Pack
  • Magic Tools & PicFrames

Free – Download Now

Photo Studio Pro will now complete the user experience of every BlackBerry Smartphone customers who were feeling the heat after instagram released on Android and iPhone, This application is competent enough to compete with any photo editing application at anytime. So this is the right time to grab this application as this premium application can be downloaded from BlackBerry App World totally free and that too for a limited period of time. Meanwhile you might be interesting in reading about:

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New Colors on BlackBerry Curve 9320 arrive on Vodafone

BlackBerry curve 9320

With the release of BlackBerry Curve 9320, with different color variants make it a hot topic among BlackBerry lovers. So for all the people out there who are prepared to grab one of this Smartphone can buy it from the Vodafone store and can get an option of 3 colors on BlackBerry Curve 9320

  • Classic Blue
  • Vivid Violet
  • Pink

The BlackBerry Curve 9320 Smartphone is especially designed for the people who are more into social networking & texting. There are many specialties in this Smartphone apart from having a BBM dedicated key, a decent display of 2.44 inch and a camera of 3.2 MP to capture those special moments and later share photos with family and friends. It runs BlackBerry OS 7.1 which is considered to be the most secure one and user can connect through either WiFi  or 3G connections.

Please have a look on the above video and provide us your feedback and opinion about new colors arriving on BlackBerry Curve 9320 Smartphone.

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Download Pop Corny for BlackBerry PlayBook

Pop Corny for BlackBerry Playbook

One of the well-liked Apple iOS games “Pop Corny” has now available on BlackBerry Platform and is accessible for users on BlackBerry Playbook. The main objective of this game is feed Corny with popcorn in order to progress to next level. This is one of the brilliant game which is equally addictive with superb game play and i am sure this game is all set to make its position on BlackBerry Platform as this game dis in the iOS platform. This game is recently out and is already getting a very good response and reviews are surely proving the worth of this game.


Pop Corny is the central character of this game, who loves pop corn. His only objective is to gobble up all the popcorn in the world. Help him to gobble up all the popcorn to proceed to next level at the same time being vigilant as starvation takes over & Corny starts to black out! Corns keeps on revolving around corny, you need to pop them up with your laser gun in order to feed him. Keep on collecting coins also which can later be used to spend on upgrades. Current version available for Pop Corny is 2.7.3 .

Features of Pop Corny:

  • Easy, one touch, sling-like control
  • Advance popcorn box by finishing objectives
  • Several stages to play
  • Additional 40 achievements to finish
  • Gather “drachma coins” & use them on upgrades, shields & bombs etc
  • The foremost nonstop eater!

Required Device Software – BlackBerry Playbook running on OS 2.0 or higher

 Cost: $1.99 from BlackBerry App World

 Download Pop Corny from BlackBerry App World

Please Feel free to provide us your valuable feedback as they help us motivating and help us to provide you with better information and keep you up to date with all the latest info. If you are facing any problem of any kind related to your BlackBerry Smartphone or BlackBerry Playbook, then please write to us we’ll try to sort out your problem as soon as possible. All complaints, feedback and suggestions are all welcome and appreciated.

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Update BlackBerry Curve 9320 to OS officially from Entel PCS

Good news for BlackBerry Curve 9320 Smartphones users can update their Smartphone Operating System to version and this time it is being officially released from Entel PCS. Since this version is just being rolled out for People and no one knows much about the changes as compared to the previous version but one thing is sure since this is an upgraded OS version user can expect some bugs fixed and much more effective and efficient OS.

Although there was another OS upgrade released by Telstra for BlackBerry Curve 9320. BlackBerry Smartphone users have to keep few things on their mind such as having a backup of their precious data before updating as all their Smartphone data will be vanished after upgrading. You can also click on the links below to download the OS for BlackBerry curve 9320 and to learn how to install the OS on your Smartphone and you can also click below to learn how to check the OS on which your BlackBerry Smartphone is running.

Thankyou for sharing your feedback with us, we are still looking for grow and to make Berrygeeks – the best BlackBerry Blog so we need all your feedback, support, like-dislike about this website etc so that we could expand and change ourself for the beat.

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inLink – The ultimate LinkedIn experience on BlackBerry PlayBook

inLink is here to provide you fantastic LinkedIn experience for the BlackBerry PlayBook. This application influence the mobile touch interface from LinkedIn itself united with the smooth & stylish BlackBerry 10 User Interface to give you the power you need to stay updated and in touch with your LinkedIn contacts.

 You can now access LinkedIn on your BlackBerry Playbook with inLink application. There were many request registered earlier for not having any dedicated application for this professional social networking website and BlackBerry Playbook users are lacking this function as other tablet users can access through some application which is dedicated for this purpose only. The RIM is trying all the hard work to provide best to its customers in everything applications, supports and even providing the best user experience and now this time it LinkedIn, you’ll be excited to know that inLink application has officially been released on BlackBerry Apps World to provide all the BlackBerry Playbook users an ultimate LinkedIn experience directly on their tablets.

Features include easy accessible buttons to:

  • View LinkedIn Mail
  • Check LinkedIn updates
  • Look through & apply for jobs using LinkedIn
  • Unite & discover people you know on LinkedIn
  • Communicate with your network & groups
  • Look for companies, friends and groups in LinkedIn

At present inLink application is a premium application that means you have to pay for it. This application is priced at $1.99, which seems to be fair enough. Remember there are many LinkedIn application available in the market that just don’t stand up to the mark and don’t just purchase them blindly, I’m suggesting you this application after I’ve tried this application.

NOTE: Don’t get tricked by obtaining new LinkedIn applications which don’t even have a back button. Instead my advice would be to purchase InLink and experience the ultimate LinkedIn experience on BlackBerry PlayBook!

Click to download InLink application $1.99 from BlackBerry App World

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BlackBerry – Action Starts Here

BlackBerry is now focusing the next Big Market in India with it’s advertisements and really ” Action Starts Here”

Last Month We touched 10K mark and now on Berrygeeks and in less than 1 month we’ve got double the views at present we are standing at 20K + visits. I would like to thankyou for all your love and appreciation and looking forward for your continous love and support. This time the next mile stone will be 50K visits. We just want to thank you for all your precious feedback and support, which surely helped us to grow in term of number as well.

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