RIM planning to sell corporate jet as cost saving measures

In what is doubtless the most unexciting, yet still significant RIM news of the day, Bloomberg has informed that RIM is planning to sell off one of its corporation jets to increase Cash hold and assist cut costs even more within the association. The 9-passenger Dassault Aviation SA F50EX is one of 2 Dassault Aviation aircraft’s apprehended by the RIM group presently with the other being a Dassault F900EX that can acoomadate up-to 14 passengers in the flight.

Some sources affirms RIM has a purchaser for the jet with the optional asking price between $6 million to $7 million, despite the fact that the buyer is anonymous yet as the sale is not yet completed. Investigation from Bloomberg to RIM on the subject grid a response from RIM which also mentioned prior cost saving dealings distinguished by RIM CEO Thorsten Heins:

“We’re glancing at opportunity with both our aircraft expenses and searching ways to decrease our travel expenses while still be sure we keep in close contact with our associates all around the world,” “It’s all part of the endeavor to find habits to reduce costs & drive efficiencies “

With recommended of yearly operating expenses for the aircraft approaching in at a huge $2.2 Million, it makes logic that RIM would be planning to relieve of some of the possessions they currently hold to help attain their cost reduction objective of $1 Billion. Convincingly, RIM is also a huge assets owner as well so it wouldn’t be all that astonishing to see them glancing into business real-estate brokers as well ultimately as long as it helps put away the company wealth in the long run scenarios.

It may sounds foolish yet practical that accumulating cash by selling jet yet using their commercial airline for the need but at the same time it will be interesting enough to see how to they plan their expenses in future to take this company to a new high. Please Feel free to share your feed back with us as they matter to us a lot.


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