Hi, My name is Rahul Singh . I’m a Fun loving guy who is crazy for BlackBerry devices & technology with optimistically pessimistic nature having an interest in Music/Movie/Technology, Experimental, can be called Geek who have views which can certainly save this planet from certain Extinction… As most of you must have anticipated till now that I’m a big fan of Blackberry Mobile & Technology in other words you can call me a GEEK, a BerryGeek !!!

I had tried almost all mobile phones & different mobile technologies but my quest came to an end  when I had BlackBerry Mobile Phone in my hand. It’s almost been a year but my craze or you can say Passion is just going up & up same as the mercury in summers . So I’ve Decided to create This blog which is completely dedicated to BlackBerry starting from all the Latest updates, Mobile Phones reviews , Applications , Technology , Tips & Tricks & much more …

All Suggestions & Complaints are Welcomed & I’m sure we’ll all be working together and making this blog helpful & informative. We will also be inviting Guest writers of this industry to write an articles on this blog . So just Free feel to contact us at  berrygeek.rs@gmail.com .

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