Sonic the Hedgehog for BlackBerry PlayBook

Yes, your all time favorite “Sonic the Hedgehog” finally released for BlackBerry PlayBook. There are many games available for Playbook but looking its interface, i think it is destined to go forward.

Sonic – The Hedgehog, after debuting in the 90’s is still a favorite game for many of you even after 20 years. You would be equally excited to know that this elite game is now available for BlackBerry Playbook. This time there are many changes like high quality graphics with stunning game play with great sound , this game is worth of making its way to my BlackBerry Playbook.



  • 2 SPECIAL LEVELS – 2 special levels created exclusively for using the accelerometer.
  • BRAND NEW MOVES – All of Sonic’s standard moves are accessible, which include the all new Homing Attack which ought to add all new level of power & exhilaration.
  • ARCHETYPAL SONIC ARENA – Race all the way through 4 special precinct marking 4 rounds each with 7 outstanding stages.
  • UNIQUE STAGES – This game also contain a tack of the Genesis-era game, the unusual stages arrival permits fans to gather the 7 Chaos Emeralds & unlock Super Sonic mode.
  • REFUBRISHED CLASSIC BOSS CLASH – Dr. Eggman is back with enhanced & superior mechanics and will go crazy when he accrue damage.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is available to download for $6.99,

Click Here to read more or to Download this game for your BlackBerry Playbook


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