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BlackBerry App World Beta Version Released

BlackBerry App World Beta Version Released

RIM has introduced a new BlackBerry App World Beta Version, this beta version can be downloaded from the Downloads sections in the BlackBerry Beta Zone.


  • This new beta version will be having some updated features.
  • Upgrade All Button – Provides an option to update all your application by just one click, earlier you’ve to go to each application & select the update function.
  • You can even display the list of installed application on your blackberry Device using NFC Technology.
  • Ability to Combine BlackBerry App World to BlackBerry Messenger with variety of BlackBerry App world control & actions in your BBM personal message.
  • A new Language support – Finnish
  • Various Bugs are claimed to be fixed

Download this new version of BlackBerry App World Beta  Click Here.

RIM is releasing updates of many of its applications now a days, Twitter & Facebook , foursquare & Operating Systems for BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Torch 9810 & BlackBerry curve 8520 , Pacemaker for Playbook etc and now BlackBerry App World – does really makes me this what RIM is exactly upto? Or may be it’s time for something big to come & RIM is preparing itself for that. Only time will tell meanwhile we can only speculate till then.

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FourSquare version 5.0 – Available for BlackBerry Smartphones

Foursquare Application assists you discover the world around you. Make it possible to get together up with friends, locate places to go and Save money with Specials.

Even as on the go, you can effortlessly inform friends where you are, share pictures, get their remarks & get tips with suggested discounts and freebies to the foursquare neighborhood. Meanwhile you are checking into different places you can receive points and different badges.

FourSquare one of the popular social networking sites (after recent application updates of Facebook & Twitter application on BlackBerry Smatphones ) latest version 5.0 is officially released for BlackBerry Smartphones. This Upgrade brings a totally new graphic user interface with better GPS and overall many bugs fixes. This is a major update from the developer team of foursquare because jumping from 3.0 version to 5.0 version. Many new features have been added which undoubtedly is totally attractive and at the same time equally easy to use.

New & Updated Features –

  • Enhanced friends tab that permit to see all the latest updates from friends.
  • Modernized explorer exhibit to help users find out great places near them.
  • Superior GPS integrated system, & further updates.
  • Share your Checkin with Facebook & Twitter with just 1 click.

So just don’t wait, update your Foursquare Application to 5.0 version & start exploring different great places near you. If you had already installed this updated version tell us how was your experience overall. Also feel free to share your views about this website in the comment box below, all suggestions are welcome.

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BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour – Registration Open for Asia Pacific Regions

BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour is already a hit & the answer for how do I know? Is simply because of sold out tickets of locations as soon as the Booking opens. Seats at many locations were all booked a lot quicker than the expectations as all the developers keep pouring up with all the excitement and the zeal for BlackBerry10. Everyone knows BlackBerry10 is going to be launched somewhere in the end of this year 2012 but as developers getting a chance to have their own BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device is creating all that buzz around the market.

RIM after seeing this response & receiving many complaints from developers of not getting any seat for BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour, RIM has declared that they will be providing more spots for further locations so that no one misses this World tour. There are many seats still available in Delhi, Bangalore & Jakarta locations.

So if you are a developers and looking forward to design some awesome application than it’s the right time to grab a seat in the BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour, you can be the lucky one who’ll be getting a BlackBerry10 Dev Alpha device. Meanwhile you can go straight to BlackBerry Dev Blog to register yourself for a seat because its on first come first serve basis with only limited number of seats which can be sold out any minute. In the Meantime you can have a preview of the capabilities of BlackBerry 10.

Click Here to register your seat & Getting more information

If you are planning to attend BlackBerry10 Jam tour please tell us your expectations and what are you planning or looking forward to gain from this JAM World Tour. Meanwhile Please Feel free to drop in your Comments about your past experience in this tour or if you are one of those lucky individuals with your own BlackBerry 10 dev Alpha device please share your views &  Reviews.

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DrawingBoard Pro for the BlackBerry PlayBook

There are certainly are many applications available for BlackBerry Playbook but applications for Painting or drawing stuff are scarcest now a days, but if you are looking for one of such application for your BlackBerry Playbook don’t worry , your wait is over as today I’m going to introduce you to a new application in BlackBerry Apps world “DRWAING BOARD PRO”. This application is very simple, unsophisticated, and easy to use with multiple functions as well as feature that allow the user to draw on & over any image you have in your Media Gallery. This application is bound to provide lots of fun & frolic with satisfying your internal hidden artist to the core.



  • User Friendly Interface – make it less complication for maximum efficiency.
  • Flexible pen size – choice from variable ranges of pen according to their sizes.
  • Adjustable pen opacity – helps you to show impact where you want.
  • Convention pen colors – with variety and different ranges of colors to choose
  • Infinite Undo & Redo – helping you to create that masterpiece at your will.
  • Eraser alternative – Don’t like some thing just erase it freely.
  • Save Picture – JPEG format picture in High, Medium and Low Quality.
  • Background Images – Customs images
  • Background Color – Custom colors with variety of Colors to choose from.



This Application is not designed only for Adults but rather for all age groups including adults as well. As it is very easy to operate, kids can play with it & you can be rest assured that nothing can go wrong. I found this application really simple, easy to operate with simply great interface & trust me it’s been a long time that I had used such application on any platform, and with the option of having some Prank on someone by just drawing some cool stuff on their images to freak them out – certainly priceless. That’s not all it’s only priced at 99 Cents – which makes it even sure that you should go for it cause it’s pocket friendly too.

Click Here to Read More & Download DrawingBoard Pro for BlackBerry Playbook

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BlackBerry 10 – L-Series & N-Series

BlackBerry 10 is what we are all waiting for, as we anticipate RIM to make an official declaration for the 1st device in August. All the Configurations & details, what can it do with the application it will run on BlackBerry 10 operating system are all out. Although, very little has been acknowledged with reference to the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone device & ultimate physical keyboard. BlackBerry L-Series will be complete touch screen Smartphone device while on the other hand BlackBerry N-Series will be having a physical qwerty keyboard.

The Production these Smartphone devices were in final phase last month & at this time it surely has hit the final production by now. Even though, these smartphone devices are not anymore recognized under those secret code names the BlackBerry L-series & BlackBerry N-series. Following are some of the specifications that we’ve identified.

BlackBerry L-series:

  • Display screen resolution – 768×1280
  • Display screen width – 55mm
  • Display screen Pixels Per Inch (PPI) – 356

Basically, the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha had the screen that was considered almost as perfect but changes will there be in the final production of BlackBerry 10. If you’ve had the chance to use a Dev Alpha, you’ll comprehend the astonishing screen superiority. The BlackBerry 10 L-series which was earlier secretly named as BlackBerry London is sure to win the competition against iPhone4S retina display, but one thing is for sure you might not be able to tell the difference.

Furthermore, the document illustrates the User Interface composition of the BlackBerry L-series.

BlackBerry N-series:

  • Display screen resolution – 720×720
  • Display screen width –  53mm 
  • Display screen Pixels Per Inch (PPI) – 330

The BlackBerry N-series, which was earlier secretly names as Nevada, is ought to be the first BlackBerry 10 device with a QWERTY physical keyboard. This Device will make you to compare it with the BlackBerry BOLD 9900 only appearance wise. The first BlackBerry N-series will be having OLED technology, but afterward RIM may considered to release using LCD display.

As a admirer of BlackBerry devices I’m waiting eagerly to lay my hands on BlackBerry10 as soon as possible, that’s not all as RIM after seeing all this hype of BlackBerry10 might want to cash in the profit by releasing BlackBerry L-series in the market within 4-5 months in year. On the other hand BlackBerry N Series is expected to launch in the first Quarter of year 2013 but all as we can do is to hope for it released earlier than the expected time

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3 reasons to use BlackBerry Smartphones

I will give you top 3 reasons why to use BlackBerry smartphones. In today’s Market Scenario there are many smartphones competing against each other & claiming them to be better than other for example Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android etc. But today I’ll not give you just false reason to rely but some solid proofs that will prove the fact that BlackBerry Smartphone is best from the rest.

The Top 3 reasons why to choose BlackBerry

  • Connected
  • Productive
  • Variety and Price

Stay Connected:

BlackBerry smartphones have exceptional & yet influential messaging applications that assist to keep you linked to anyone at anytime or whatever matters most to you.

BlackBerry Messenger & email capability are the apparent examples here and they’re intended to make communication swiftly and easily and help you to live in the moment, but there are slight gradation that make really big contact in allotted to you & important to you. Applications can be intended to be socially linked might not only among contacts, but with other applications as well. This makes it very effortless to share what game you’re playing, or any chitchat about the sport score of your preferred team, or bring up to date on your social network – all from within the BlackBerry application you’re previously using & deliberated to be well-organized and flawlessly connected. Your BlackBerry smartphone keeps you linked on every social system as well as for your business & family and friends.

Be Productive:

People are not just saying but also believing that blackberry Smartphones helps you being creative & productive. Be it me email answering or documents editing or even travel planning because of it systematic functions which helps you being efficient. There are a many applications that comes preinstalled in your BlackBerry Smartphones (or are generally can be download for free) that are intended to make you more productive & efficient. Another feature in BlackBerry is Mobile Conferencing, which is intended to save you time.

Once you turn on the application permissions, the application will by its own pull out conference call numbers from your schedule to create a “Join Now” key that permit you to dial in with just 1 click. Another good example is BlackBerry Traffic, which is deliberate to search & exhibit the fastest path to your destination – together with the option of informing your main contacts with your anticipated time of arrival.

But my special and yet preferred productivity characteristic is amazingly simple Universal Search. Just begin typing what you want to discover and it involuntarily displays you with objects on your handset, in applications & ahead of gear like search engines or media service applications. It saves time, & at gives you time to do more in your daily life.

Choice and value:

Everyone has different choice & preferences same as no 2 BlackBerry users are the same. There are many divergent lines of BlackBerry smartphones intended to present you options that best well-matched to your personal predilection. For keyboard lovers, there are the BlackBerry Bold smartphones, BlackBerry Curve smartphones, and BlackBerry Porsche Design P’ 9981 Smartphones for the premium users but there’s also the BlackBerry Torch row of smartphones proposed to present superior touch screen experience. There are special models in each price range to compete your requirements and your financial status, each of them contributing excellent assessment for what’s incorporated out of the box in provisions of accessories & preinstalled or free to download applications.

BlackBerry smartphones are also considered to offer ongoing assessment through excellent data management & efficiency as well. This is intended to assist you by observance of your smartphone usage costs at a convenient level.

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HTC Droid Incredible 4G Vs BlackBerry10

HTC is going to launch its much awaited Smartphone HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE, Only time will tell whether it an incredible device or just in the  name. HTC Droid will be having 2G, 3G & 4G network supporting capabilities with latest Android Operating Software – “Ice Cream Sandwich”.


HTC has confirmed the Release date or Global Launch of HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE it’s 21 June 2012 in U.S.A. This smartphone has already created a buzz around the Mobile world as this will be on Android based Ice-Cream Sandwich Operating system which would be priced at $299.99 only is ready to give a tough time for Samsung Galaxy SIII or even Apple iPhone5. So you need not to worry about changing your data plan as this Smartphone will be working on any network be it 2G, 3G, or even 4G.

HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE will be having grooved, rubberized support on the back which doesn’t make it to fit in the slimmest phone category, but who cares as the features & functionality speaks beyond the limits.

Features of HTC Droid Incredible 4G –

  • Touch Screen Display (4 inches)
  • Resolution of 540×960 pixels with 16 Million Colors
  • 1.2 GHz Krait dual Core Processor & 1 GB RAM
  • 8GB Internal Memory, expandable upto 32GB
  • 8 Mega Pixel Camera (with auto focus & flash)
  • Li-ion battery 1700mAh & Bluetooth (Talk time 5.21 hours & Standby 6 days)
  • Google Maps & SNS Integration
  • Unlimited Phone Book Entries
  • Document viewer & Email Clients (supporting IMAP, POP3, SMTP)
  • Bluetoth (2.1) & WiFi (802)

HTC Droid Incredible 4G with wide Screen with high Pixel density of over 250ppi & Fast Processor with 8 Mega Pixel camera with a resolution of 3264×2448 pixels with LED flash and auto focus will complete your overall imaging experience. It also supports High Definition with Geo Tagging and Face recognition, other than this smartphone also has Bluetooth, SNS integration etc.

Now what is there for BlackBerry users in it ??? I’ll prefer not to answer this time but alternatively you can Click Here to know more about BlackBerry10 which is expected to launch somewhere in October this year. Or click Here to know that Apple launches iOS 6 but not enough for BlackBerry 10 .

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