WeatherMap with Google for BlackBerry PlayBook

Checking out Weather with Google’s applications is innovative for BlackBerry Application World and it’s not just an regular weather application but it it quite improvised and offers its best service in terms of result or even the interface. It put forward some pleasant supplementary features that any user is certain to notice and at the same time user is sure that he’ll not find it in the indigenous weather application on your BlackBerry PlayBook .

This Weather application uses both Google Maps and The Weather Channel of BlackBerry Playbook to personally come up with some following features:

  • Weather View
  • Traffic View
  • Terrain View
  • Photos View

In Weather map application the weather segment of the application is appealing and very trendy. It permits you to look for any place and inspect not only present circumstances but forecast or predict the weather too. This will be perfect for you if you are planning to go out on a vacation or a trip, you can be confirmed if that umbrella in your luggage is necessary enough to carry or you should make place for that sun screen. Even though looking at these particulars which already existing in almost every weather applications but weather map with Google application- user is allowed for checking weather in various places that too within seconds.

If you are thinking this application can only track Weather – than you are wrong my friends as you can have a traffic check – which route to take or simply which route to avoid, for enabling this feature you just have to tap on the traffic tab and this application using Google Maps will show you all the desired results within the matter of seconds helping you to save some time & mental peace by avoiding Traffic jams. Which I personally considered as a clever thinking from the developer. Apart from the weather & traffic feature this application also has Terrain view and Photos view feature.

This WeatherMap with Google is now available for BlackBerry Playbook  with an introductory price at just $0.99, which definitely is looking a good value for money, this application will prove to be a real asset and certainly the best for planning trips.This Application is specially optimized for BlackBerry Playbook users. User can set the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius as per the comfort level and last but not the least a 5 day local weather forecast. This all make this application with a reasonable price os what are you waiting for grab this opportunity and start using this application.

 Click Here to Download Weather with Google for BlackBerry Playbook.

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