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RIM & Tata Docomo Teams Together to Brings Free Calls to BlackBerry Users

BlackBerry 9320 Smartphone users on Tata DoCoMo Network will be getting free calls as Research In Motion has team up with this Telecom Operator.

To give its postpaid subscribers using BlackBerry 9320 Smartphone 10GB data plan with unlimited free calls.

Tata DoCoMo with a 599 monthly rental plan will be providing 600 minutes of Local & National calls with 600 local & national SMS that’s not all “An unlimited BlackBerry Internet Service Plan”. This Bundled services that DoCoMo is providing offers various monthly plan & company assures that customers opting for this plan will be recovering the cost of new BlackBerry device within 15 months.


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Wikitude – Best Augmented Reality browser

After voted “Best Augmented Reality browser” three years in a row: 2009, 2010 & 2011 all new & updated Wikitude 7 has been launched today for BlackBerry smartphones which will be featuring a completely different user as well as graphical interface which will surely be providing a fun & insightful way to connect with this Bigger World. Wikitude 7 is intended to make a full advantage of whole BlackBerry screen design

To read more about Wikitude 7 for BlackBerry ClickHere.


 The all new Graphical User Interface lets you glide through 3 main screens :-

1. Favorites screen: Lets you Arrange and bookmark your content “Worlds” as per  your choices & daily life .

2. Featured screen: Updated on a regular basis to emphasize what’s latest and appealing

3. Categories screen: locate the “Worlds” you are searching for by topic.


Special Features:

 *Construct your personal World & share it with your family & friends,  have a look their preferred places, and vice versa.

*Discover events, tweets, Wikipedia piece of writings & ATMs

*Locate restaurant & Hotel suggestions from Yelp, Qype, TripAdvisor & numerous more all around you.

*Travel around places and show them on a improved map view

*Look through 100 million + places & Content from 3,500+ providers or called “Worlds

*Look into for definite places, for instance “Chinese restaurants

*Find coupons, discounts & deals for shops close to you.

Wikitude 7 is offered Free of Cost for all BlackBerry devices Download it !

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Explore in the Outer Space with Stellarium

 Night is all about beauty of the sky filled with stars & twinkling towards us as if they are saying something to you, Sometimes at night i usually lie down & stare towards the sky looking into the stars – as most of you must be aware of this fact till know that i’m not a genius that can figure it out what star it is our from which constellation it is or is that any planet. Of course I can figure out quite a few like Orion, Cassiopeia & the Great Bear etc but what about the most ambiguous ones how can i determine which pattern of stars belong to which constellation or what importance does it have or is it somehow related to zodiac study etc. BlackBerry PlayBook & it’s new application Stellarium is your answers to all the question related to Astronomy star map.

 So now the question arises how does this application works – this application works in a unique fashion by using device GPS & then on board compass to identify your position even with where you’re looking at.

Special features

  • Realistic rendering of millions of stars and planets
  • Global Positioning System  & magnetometer for automatic location detection
  • Asterisms and descriptions of the various constellations with equatorial grids
  • Realistic images
  • Celestial search with influential zoom

In short after installing Stellarium on your BlackBerry PlayBook you’ll be having pragmatic sky in 3D just as the telescopic view which is certainly ideal for astronomy devotee. All the further updates will be free but it’s after you download it from BlackBerry Application World for just $1.99, for this price Stellarium is surely a bargain with it’s features & lifetime updates free just don’t think & grab this opportunity.

To know more or to Download Stellarium : Click Here

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BlackBerry Bold 9900

BlackBerry Bold Smartphones are one of the greatest creations of Research In Motion till date. Camera, Internet Browsing & Emails are some standards RIM had maintained in it’s devices for years but BlackBerry Bold 9900 is here which offers cutting edge technology with a great design, a powerful processor of 1.2GHz, high resolution touch screen & all new Operating system BlackBerry OS7 and high definition video camera has surely took the competition in mobile world to the next level. With all the services BlackBerry devices are offering with fast browser, fantastic keyboard & encryption will always keep people asking for more, not to forget BlackBerry Bold 9900 is a touch and type phone yet one of the Slimmest Smartphone ever developed by RIM.



  • Display 640×480 pixels
  • Battery life 6.3 hours talk-time on GSM network
  • 12.8 hours of standby & 50 hours of music playback
  • Size – 4.53 x 2.60 inches & weighing only 4.59 ounces
  • Camera with 5 MegaPixels & 4X zoom with Flash
  • 8GB of onboard memory expandable to 32 GB
  • Bluetooth, GPS & WiFi
  • 3G network support & dedicated media keys
  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • Optical trackpad & touch Screen
  • BlackBerry OS 7



BlackBerry Bold 9900 is the Best phone by RIM so far which is little expensive smartphone as compared to other RIM phone but it’s not the reason to underestimate this power packed device with good specifications & some amazing features . There is no Front facing camera for video chat but I strongly believe that RIM is saving that for QNX devices. The new Bold 9900 with superb touch screen united with QWERTY keyboard makes it a perfect device to work on. I totally loved this Smartphone but being Expensive is the only issue but it’s surely worth it.

Click HERE : –  To look at the comparison between BlackBerry Bold 9900  & iPhone 4S

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BBM Challenge Council Taking on BlackBerry Browser Test


Another video by Amir & Streeter representing BBM challenge council with a task of  showing what BlackBerry devices are all about. In this video both Amir & Streeter will attempt to show the world that BlackBerry browsers are not slow at all – it’s all about presumptions & rumor. Amir with some help of Dax Shepard will show the BlackBerry Bold 9900 passing successfully the browser test. This video is great & BBM Challenge Council tries to make video more interesting by including a celebrity (this time it was Dax Shepard). As per my experience BlackBerry Smartphone browsers are fast & reliable and I can totally trust on my device browsing capability. Anyway I find this video funny & really like this video.

 Please leave your comment below & if you want to watch more videos please Click Here.

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GasBuddy – Find Local Gas Price

This Application on your mobile let you find the cheapest gas available on gas stations nearby your place, irrespective whether you are at one place or on the go, this application will locate gas station near to you with the current gas prices. You can compare the price & the location of the nearest gas station so that you never overpay for gas another time. So after installing this application you can check & compare prices prevailing at different gas stations and save some money of your family and friends. GasBuddy provides Best fuel prices for normal, mid-grade, premium & diesel fuels

 Note: – This Application show Gas prices only for USA & Canada, but we are expecting this application will soon be upgrading & Gas prices for every country will be provided by GasBuddy.

Download GasBuddy Application Here

For More information Please Visit Company Website


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Mr. Patrick Spence – RIM’s Global Sales Head Resigns

RIM’s Global Sales Head, Patrick Spence will be leaving RIM after a continuous & long service of 14 years. Yes it is a major change and this news has been confirmed by RIM to Wall Street Journal. Mr. Patrick S pence will be joining different industry on a top management position.

This vacant position of Global sales head will be under the reporting of newly appointed Chief Operating Officer Mr. Kristian tear who was former Ex. Vice President of Sony Mobile Communications who will be joining RIM in a while but till then this department will not be remaining vacant as till then all the reporting will be under RIM CEO Thorsten Heins.

Mr. Patrick Spence joined RIM in the year 1998 & played a major role in the Launch of Inter@ctive Pager 950 & soon will be taking up a new role in some leading industry but he’ll always be remembered as a man with great skills, helped RIM to achieve a new position in the world, maintained brand level & his departure will be seen as a loss. The reason is not disclosed  but what i think is that he was either expecting a COO position at RIM but Thorsten hire someone from outside or he was getting a good offer from somewhere else , but anyway his stay was great & was really helpful .

Farewell Mr. Patrick Spence you’re the reason what BlackBerry is today. Thankyou .

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