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Introduction …

BlackBerry – If you were searching for the “Blackberry – Fruit” sorry your search engine got confused & you’ve Landed on this Page which is truly Dedicated to BLACKBERRY Mobile Phones … Just to keep it simple I have created this blog in which i will try to put all the reviews of applications , functions , services etc. under this one roof which we called


RIM’s BlackBerry has been one of the major competitors in the Smartphone Industry but recent face up to Apple iPhone & Samsung Galaxy has taken its toll but RIM is doing it’s best to be back on the chart . RIM has been Developing & Designing the BlackBerry since the year 1996. BlackBerry  – The Device got it’s so called fruity name as it was noticed that BlackBerry keys looks a lot type the group of seeds . After thinking about many seeded fruits they choose the BlackBerry name because most of the devices were black in color at that point of time & of course the Resemblance.

BlackBerry mobiles are known mostly for having more message based features that are not in most smart phones. BlackBerry Internet Service allows the device to use 2/3rd less data transfer than any other Smartphone available while giving same amount of information. Blackberry Internet Service is available in more than 91 countries with just over 500 mobile service operators. The Blackberry’s capability to display email in real time has been expressed as highly addictive, earning the device the pet name of Crackberry.

The BlackBerry App World is relatively undersized as compared to Google’s Android Marketplace and the Apple App Store. There are adequate opportunities for RIM to catch up with the best in the Smartphone arena. Only keen executive decisions and of course some luck will guide RIM to the big leagues again. BlackBerry certainly has features that are unique and have a clear advantage over other Smartphones.



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