Galaxy on Fire 2 HD now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook

After watching a preview of Galaxy on Fire 2 HD at BlackBerry World 2012, I was waiting uncomplainingly and was waiting impatiently for its release. There is good news for all of us as Fishlabs released Galaxy on fire 2 HD which is finally public and it’s available for download from BlackBerry App world. Although this game is priced at a high of $9.99 but as it comes for BlackBerry Playbook, I am sure you’ll be intriguing to dig in and grab this awesome game. We all know how hard developers work for game and creating all that hype is not possible without creating a pioneer game. The panels at Fishlabs have been working hard to bring this exciting game for PlayBook, which in reality shows.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is an action game which is based upon space combat. Player is all set to travel all around over space, clash battles & proceed by making their own way as per the storyline that will bound you for hours with its special effects. I would not be surprised if you’ll want to attach the HDMI cable for a superior feel.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD Features:

  • An enormous sky with more than 20 solar systems & in excess of 100 planets & various space stations in the Galaxy.
  • Additional thirty customizable spaceships with choices of diverse weapons arrangements, supplies and gadgets.
  • An exceptional combination of missions and story game play.
  • Excellent visuals together with multifaceted 3D representation, high resolution quality with pioneer SFX
  • Adjustable touch & tilt controls with 3D sound
  • Action Freeze: allows player to obtain screenshots from any viewpoint & can easily share them to social networking website such as Facebook

Just sit back and relax to watch the above trailer of this fantastic game. So what are you waiting for just click the link below to download Galaxy on Fire 2 HD for BlackBerry Playbook and get ready for some space Combat. Meanwhile Please Feel free to provide us your feedback as they would help us to make us to get better.

Download Galaxy on Fire 2 for your BlackBerry Playbook.

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