iPhone tries to copy BlackBerry 10 keyboard MAGIC !!!

During the BlackBerry World 2012 we all got a sneak peek of many exciting things that will soon be featuring in BlackBerry devices especially BlackBerry 10 devices .One of the features was the amazing Touch Screen keyboard having the all new approach of predictive text with flick/Swipe features. Device will suggest words just above the keys & you just have to flick/Swipe towards the message typing screen.

Recently I was searching for some exciting videos to share with you people & I was shocked that the iPhone copy the Octopus keyboard from BlackBerry10 keyboard which is a complete replica. It’s not quite clear but the foundation is there. I’m wondering if RIM had patent that keyboard like the patent of trapezoidal Keyboard , If yes It would be really interesting what RIM will do about this because RIM is not so DUMB to give an idea like BlackBerry 10 Keyboard in the market months before releasing it . But Rest assured this is what we can expect from the future touch screen keyboards.


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