New BlackBerry 10 L-Series Photos

Its been more than 3 months about the rumors of BlackBerry 10 L series and BlackBerry 10 N Series Smartphones but the leaked images and many such related statements by officials, but what we are really excited about is the Rumor about these Smartphones to be showcased/revealed in the BlackBerry JAM Americas which is all set to be held from 25th September to 27 September 2012 in San Jose, California


In recent days there are many leaked images of BlackBerry L Series and BlackBerry N Series but in recent times the sudden increase are making sure that their release is most likely to be soon enough, may be just before the festive season. Since there are only images available till now so it really stupid to be guessing about its features and specifications along with the hardware details but once they are announced or showcased we’ll surely be giving you the info. You might have notice that these devices in the images are having some serial numbers along with some other factors we believe them to be as test units but who cares as these images are enough to increase the appetite for BlackBerry Smartphones.


RIM haven’t revealed anything till yet but we can see the battery door which is totally removable from the entire backside of smartphone. We can not predict and be sure at the same time just by looking at some photos but we are just few days away from BlackBerry JAM Americas where we expect that RIM will be ready to share some specific details about these BlackBerry Smartphone.

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