BlackBerry10 OS first look – Full Videos

BlackBerry10 has already make its presence felt starting from BlackBerry World 2012 to latest BlackBerry JAM Americas where we were able to get few glimpse of this amazing smartphone and what will this Smartphone is going to offer us all. Although BlackBerry 10 is all set to be released for public in the first quarter of year 2013. Till now we were all getting some leaked images and leaked specifications of BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha devices, but we are sure this Smartphone will have a lot to offer us all.

For now some new videos have emerged on youtube where a developer is displaying his BlackBerry10 Operating System on a Dev Alpha B. In total there are 4 videos, each are displaying different features in this new Operating System of BlackBerry10, although these videos are not in English but since we all are crazy for this OS and device I am ready to look at the demo of this amazing Operating system.

We were able to have a sneak peek of the contacts management & moreover how it will be connected for all aspects of life. In addition the following videos also show us how we will share WebPages on this new OS, BlackBerry App World, All new keyboard and typing an email on it and even much more. Just sit back and relax and watch these following videos and let us know about your experience of BlackBerry 10 till now and tell us your expectations from this amazing smartphone and amazing Operating system


After watching these videos, please feel to share your opinions and views about this amazing Operating system with us. Were you expecting something that was not in this OS or even features you were not expecting to be there, never the less you don’t have to worry because we are there to present all the latest and relevant news and information to all are readers as soon as it happens. You might also be interesting in reading about

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