BlackBerry Bridge Updated to version

You all must be familiar with this application – Blackberry Bridge this application allows the users to couple your BlackBerry Smartphone with BlackBerry Playbook. With the help of this application you can remotely control your BlackBerry tablet, browsing on tablet using your smartphone and view all your important data on Playbook after pairing with Smartphone using this application. So this application is now updated to version, so if you haven’t upgraded this application then you should update as soon as possible to make most out of this application.

New Features in version

  • Analyze & reply to text messages from your BlackBerry PlayBook
  • BlackBerry Bridge use Wi-Fi to transmit data when smartphone & tablet  are linked to the same Wi-Fi
  • Enhanced stability with pairing
  • Connectivity bugs fixes
  • Various developments to the overall user experience

BlackBerry Bridge version is available totally free of cost and all you have to do is to click on the download link below and you’ll be redirected to BlackBerry App world from where you can download this upgraded BlackBerry Bridge. Note: We also suggest you to keep on clearing the cache from time to time (This is because whenever you load website data on your device, your device loads that url from cache instead of refreshing the entire content) for better visibility of any updated application data on BlackBerry App World.

Click: Download Free

We are also glad to inform our users that new OS for BlackBerry Playbook will be making its way today and we’ll be ready to post about it as soon as it is available. You may be interesting in reading about:

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