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Redington releases an Official BlackBerry Curve 8520 OS

For me it was a pretty surprise when one of my friends emailed me & told about the Official release of new Operating Software for BlackBerry curve 8520. This will be OS I thought after RIM is doing pretty good in the very term be it be promotion though BlackBerry 10 JAM world tour or by technology like BlackBerry 10 & personally was not hoping for any further updated OS because there are many things to be focused on right now. If you also thought BlackBerry Curve Era was over, think twice as Redington is up this time to release an official new Operating system for BlackBerry curve 8520 with some bug fixes & improvements.

Click Here : To download BlackBerry Curve 8520 OS

Click Here : Learn how to update your BlackBerry OS

Thankyou for reading this article & feel free to share your views & comment about BlackBerry 8520 new OS, were you expecting it? Or lost hope like me for further new OS updates? Do you like this blog? Please share your experience which will help us grow by making it better.


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