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Live Stream BlackBerry 10 Launch Event via Webcast

 BlackBerry10 Global launch event

Do you want to witness the epic launch of BlackBerry10 which is the only hope of RIM to give them a chance to compete against their tough opponent such as Android & iPhone. Whether the answer for your question was either yes or no but since you’re in luck you can now have the power to live stream BlackBerry10 launch event via WEbcast which is another marketing strategy by Research In Motion.

For Those of you don’t know about this BlackBerry10 global launch event this event is all set to take place simultaneously all together in various cities world wide

  • New York
  • Toronto
  • London
  • Paris
  • Dubai
  • Johannesburg
  • Jakarta
  • Delhi

30th January 2013 is the day which will witness the official launch of RIM’s latest platform – BlackBerry 10, apart from that we will witness first 2 BlackBerry10 Smartphones (BlackBerry N10 & BlackBerry Z10). If you wan to watch this Global launch of BlackBerry10 than you can click on the link below to be a part of BlackBerry10 launch by the way I would also like all our readers to know that BlackBerry10 launch event will start live streaming at 10 A.M Eastern Time.

BlackBerry10 – Global Launch – Webcast

Please feel free to share your views & expectation with BlackBerry10 Smartphone with us and our readers. Are you all set to get your hands on this Smartphones or you can also share your planning for this Blackberry device.

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Rumor: BlackBerry Z10 priced at £480 or $758

BlackBerry z10 pricing

BlackBerry10 launch is almost there and all the commotion and speculations are at the peak with another image which we came across shows that the Carphone Warehouse database in the United Kingdom displays the much awaited BlackBerry Z10 pricing information.

In the above image you’ll be able to notice that white colored BlackBerry Z10 is priced at £480 (or US $758) “SIM free”. To be truthful we found this price to be a bit higher than our expectation but certainly on par when we talk or consider about an unlock phone or an off-contract device. We also want to clarify that this isn’t the official pricing but certainly gives us an idea about what range this amazing Smartphone BlackBerry Z10 might be available to us. Although the release date of BlackBerry10 is near just try to be calm for few days more (:P) because for me its very difficult because we all are super excited.

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