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Live Stream BlackBerry 10 Launch Event via Webcast

 BlackBerry10 Global launch event

Do you want to witness the epic launch of BlackBerry10 which is the only hope of RIM to give them a chance to compete against their tough opponent such as Android & iPhone. Whether the answer for your question was either yes or no but since you’re in luck you can now have the power to live stream BlackBerry10 launch event via WEbcast which is another marketing strategy by Research In Motion.

For Those of you don’t know about this BlackBerry10 global launch event this event is all set to take place simultaneously all together in various cities world wide

  • New York
  • Toronto
  • London
  • Paris
  • Dubai
  • Johannesburg
  • Jakarta
  • Delhi

30th January 2013 is the day which will witness the official launch of RIM’s latest platform – BlackBerry 10, apart from that we will witness first 2 BlackBerry10 Smartphones (BlackBerry N10 & BlackBerry Z10). If you wan to watch this Global launch of BlackBerry10 than you can click on the link below to be a part of BlackBerry10 launch by the way I would also like all our readers to know that BlackBerry10 launch event will start live streaming at 10 A.M Eastern Time.

BlackBerry10 – Global Launch – Webcast

Please feel free to share your views & expectation with BlackBerry10 Smartphone with us and our readers. Are you all set to get your hands on this Smartphones or you can also share your planning for this Blackberry device.

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BlackBerry Z10 & iPhone5 spotted together


Telekom Presse helps us to spot both of these awesome Smartphone together which surely helped us compare the functionality of both Smartphone and you don’t have to wait until 30th January. A video was uploaded on their website, you can easily spot BlackBerry Z10 with iPhone5 and also have quick comparison between these 2 smartphones.

Although the chances are that Operating system in this BlackBerry Z10 may not be the same OS as the shipping one. This might be pointless to say that the comparison will also be done once we’ll be getting the shipping software & hardware is not available. You can click on the link below to watch the video. Feel free to share your thoughts with us. In the meantime, go ahead and check out the video plus, drop your thoughts on.

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BlackBerry 10 Experience Forum starting from February

RIM tried and is still trying its best to get attention from everyone and impress them by their next Smartphone innovation BlackBerry10, in the past we have witlessness many BlackBerry JAM events and webcasts etc that were used to promote their upcoming device BlackBerry 10. Since now the launch event is all set to be held on 30th January 2013, and there are indeed no signs of slowing down the promotion and activities.

 BlackBerry10 Experience Forum registration

To promote such kinds of venture RIM has decided to start a BlackBerry 10 Experience Forum which is all set to be started from 4th February 2013 from Toronto, ths forum will help everyone to provide enough knowledge about BlackBerry 10 which can fit into their business portfolio.

  • See – See our endeavor mobility vision, the BlackBerry 10 Enterprise Portfolio, protected enterprise mobility management &application for business that take mobile efficiency to the top.
  • Experience – Familiarity of all advancement & innovation with hands-on demos and discussions with BlackBerry product teams & partners.
  • Learn – Sessions that jump into details on topics that are significant to you.

So what are you waiting for Click on the below link & register yourself in the forum and if you a decision maker for Business, IT or an Enterprise developer this is surely the most suggested events that you should part in it and learn almost everything about BlackBerry 10. This Forus require no cost to register and attend plus, registration are open for most of the events listed.

BlackBerry 10 Experience Forum

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BlackBerry 10 Sneak Peek …

I Think RIM will be Releasing BlackBerry 10 around November but  CEO Thorsten Heins provided glimpses that BlackBerry 10 could do during his keynote address in the conference at BlackBerry World summit 2012.

Indeed a teaser video that Thorsten Heins played during his conference to kick off  the hype for this device & BlackBerry’s forthcoming OS.

Since I’m not seeing any chance of this device to be launched before November so RIM has got plenty of time to make it as superior as possible. I’ve explored some of the features on the Prototype Click Here to see some images using BlackBerry10.

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BlackBerry 10 highlights – App switching, multitasking, and notifications

An awesome representation that what are the things you can expect from BlackBerry10 . RIM CEO Thorsten with the help of Vivek Bhardwaj
displayed the applications switching while doing some multitasking . As the Sliding looks really impresses with the glimpse of the notification without actually switching to it really did impresses me  & as Vivek Bhardwaj right said in the beginning i want to re quote it “It’s not just about being notified about a conversation. It’s really being immersed into it instantly.”

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