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Comvigo IM Lock Software – Best Internet Filter Software

Internet Filter Software

Do you want to control your employees or children from surfing unwanted stuff of websites over internet? Comvigo’s IM Lock software is one of the ways of achieving the thing required by you. This software is really helpful in preventing your employees and children from having access of the bad content over internet – making Internet facilities to be workable in the best modes and to work out in feasible environments.

All the interrupting services like Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, MSN Messenger, Facebook, porn websites, instant messages and others, which according to your criteria cannot be allowed to visible to your employees during the working hours and to protect the habit and morals of your kids can be blocked using this internet filter program. Along with the blockage of the unwanted stuff, this software also helps in saving the band-width and efficiency of your internet connection, by minimizing the risk of downloading of unused material that may also contain porn matter, if not get blocked with the help of any of the web blocking software.

If setting of this software is being done with the help of default level, then Flickr and Youtube are found in the blocked list. But the choice of making any of the sites visible or non visible on the web browser will totally depends on you – means you are the one to deicide which of the websites have to be blocked and which are not. SO, basically advantage id yours. And not only this, you also will be given the power to schedule the visibility of particular websites at any particular time.

Control Your Network

  • Check and Set the functions from a single terminal.
  • Block the use of Instant Messaging (IM)
  • Block Chats
  • Web Ad Hoc Lock
  • Lock Programs Ad Hoc
  • current with LiveUpdate
  • Programmer
  • Lock Options Windows
  • Control Panel Password Protected

Your Benefits

  • Keep your employees and students focused on their work.
  • Protect your organization against inappropriate web usage.
  • Protect your computer against virus threats
  • Avoid illegal downloads
  • Protect the bandwidth of your network
  • Take Control!


Now Comvigo’s  Best Internet Filter for your Android Smartphones also,click on the link below to download directly from Google Play.

Internet Filter for Android


All BlackBerry users can install this android app on their Tablet, Click here to know how to install android application on your BlackBerry tablet.




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Application for CBC’s Hockey Night In Canada coming to BlackBerry10

Hockey Night In Canada

It’s almost less than a week before the must hyped about BlackBerry10 Smartphone will be having its Global launch and since the applications for this much talked about device is on hype these day and with BlackBerry 10 Port-A-Thon & few other marketing strategy which is commonly used by RIM to promote this Smartphone.

We all know Applications are the soul of any Smartphone & what is better than CBC’s Hockey Night In Canada Application for you (If you are a hockey fan you’ll love it & if not than you must be impressed with such kind of stuffs your device can do) Soon NHL GameCenter App will also going to be available soon. That’s not all CBC is all ready to release native Hockey Night In Canada application into the BlackBerry App World.

CBC Hockey Night In Canada application will be giving you everything you need to stay updated with the access to

  • Updated live scores
  • Videos
  • Statistics
  • Game results
  • And much more…

Please feel free to share your thoughts with our other readers, did this application fullfil your purpose or you are looking forward for some more applications. We have also arranged few screenshots of this application and posted above.

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Download Socialite application for BlackBerry Playbook & Dev Alpha

Socialite is one of the top most applications that usually serve the purpose saving some valuable space on BlackBerry Playbook (as many had already maxed out their storage space and keep on deleting older application for the new ones). Socialite can integrate the entire social networking platform inside its own so forget managing various applications, use Socialite and manage all your social networking platform all in one go and that too easily.

Socialite application is developed by SCrApps, and it will be an ultimate application featuring almost every social networking platform at once. Double tap on Socialite application and merely choose the social networking website you use frequently and that’s it you are all set to go and now you have the power to get all the updates of various social networks all at one place.


Compatibility –

  • BlackBerry Playbook
  • BlackBerry10 Dev Alpha

Socialite can be integrated with the following social networking sites:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Flickr
  • Foursquare
  • MySpace
  • Orkut
  • LinkedIn
  • MySpace
  • Pinterest
  • Qzone
  • RenRen
  • Sina Weibo
  • Vkontakte
  • Badoo
  • Bebo
  • deviantart
  • Flickr
  • Flixster
  • Friendster
  • GetGlue
  • Habbo

Socialite application was produce keeping BlackBerry 10 in mind. Socialite is a premium application and is available for BlackBerry PlayBook & Dev Alpha device that will only cost you just $0.99. SCrApps have produces their Socialite application for the BlackBerry Dev Alpha device which you can try totally free of cost! Although all those people you’ve earlier purchased Socialite application will however be permitted to update to the BlackBerry 10 version totally free of cost as soon as it is available in the BlackBerry App world. If you want to get more information or buy this premium application just feel free to click on the links below.

Click Here : To purchase Socialite for BlackBerry Playbook
Click Here : To Free download Socialite for the Dev Alpha

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NetQin Antivirus for BlackBerry

As per the Latest threat of viruses for BlackBerry Users definitely are looking forward for a good antivirus, now what better than a free antivirus which is providing the complete safety for your BlackBerry device. Now I’ll try to give a brief description on the added advantage of this antivirus and what more you can get and what should you expect from NetQin antivirus.


The most important feature of this application is that his antivirus program detects all the applications which are installed on your BlackBerry device along with checking simultaneously with the cloud security database for any malicious or suspicious application installed. The Battery consumption is not an issue as it uses only a optimal amount of resources moreover providing the maximum security by alerting the BlackBerry Smartphone users whenever any threat such as virus, malware or even spyware is identified. This Application is there for you by protecting mobile network and also tracks your progress while you are connected to the internet. This application is more than an antivirus program as it also contains an Anti-Theft feature, by activating this anti theft feature you will be able to follow your stolen device that too on the map.


Antivirus & Security:

* Complete scan to obstruct viruses, malware and spyware.

* Real-time security to safe guards you from viruses, malware and spyware on your Smartphone.

* Viruses record update guarantees you to get confined from viruses, malware, Trojan, spyware & various mobile security fears.

Backup & Restore:

* Backup contacts to your device memory card or even on NetQin server.

* reinstate contacts anytime you are in need as per your convenience.

* Regain contact file across any OS platform (Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, Windows Phone or even BlackBerry)


* Anti-Theft feature Helps you to locate your lost device.

* Mobile security shield & privacy defense in the event of phone misplaced.

* Remotely trace missing phone either by GPS or SIM card base station, you can even have a look on a map.

* Remotely bolt phone by transferring text message with any phone.

* turn on a loud alarm to locate missing phone in close proximity, irrespective of on silent or vibrate mode.

* Remotely swab the personal information on phone to shield privacy, which includes contacts, messages, images and even memory card etc

Click Here to Download NetQin Antivirus for Free – directly from the BlackBerry App World. This is a free application so please feel free to download and use this antivirus for a while and let us know about your experience and we’ll share it with our readers.

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TrueCaller – Global Number lookup and Caller ID

Isn’t that be great if you know who is calling you from any unknown number? True caller presents you an application that allows you to look for more than 600 million phone numbers globally & tell you who is calling that’s not all as it also allows you to save the name as well as address to your contact list with only 1 click.

Truecaller is an international service which can look up name & number with Caller ID (distinguish who is calling) True caller is out for BlackBerry Smartphone, Apple iOS & even Google’s Android to facilitate you to global lookup of names, addresses, social networks, & pictures, that too without a penny because its absolutely FREE! The only charge you will incur will be of Data Plan or your internet.

True Caller is one of the most interesting and reliable application that is proving to be right more than 90% of times and rest can be called bugs or errors and will definitely be sorted out by the developers soon with latest versions coming out lately. It indeed provides you the best search in the application world now a day and helps you to alert by spam callers. There is functionality where you can add them to your block list and be tension free of these spam callers.


 But the best part is that this application is totally free and is used and trusted by million of users worldwide and as per the latest data it has been downloaded over 3 million times by users world wide. True caller’s developers were getting constant feedback about users experience using this product and they are constantly being up with the updates ad bugs fixed to bring out the best in this application

 You must be wondering does although this application works perfectly on every Smartphone either on BlackBerry, Android or iOS platform,, is there any country limitations? For all your information Truecaller application works perfectly works worldwide which works on enhancing search functionality collectively with different telephone directories all over the world. NOTE: TrueCaller requires an active 3G or WiFi connection to work perfectly – although its an free application but track the data usage by this application, EDGE coverage is not supported by this application.

 My reviews – I’ll give this application 8 stars over 10. I was getting more than 90% accurate results and with the options of reverse phone number search – that means you can alternatively search from number and find out whose number it is, remember to enable this service because this is disabled by default.

 Click Here : To download or read more about this  application straight from the BlackBerry App World.

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Free Applications for BlackBerry PlayBook

Today I’m going to compile few applications that are free to download and use for your BlackBerry PlayBook. Even thought we know BlackBerry App World is fully loaded with some premium applications but is it always necessary to spend money purchasing application?? The answer is no, as I’m dedicating this space to introduce you to “Top 4 Free Application for BlackBerry PlayBook”. I’ve tried to compile most unique and yet efficient free application so please don’t mind if I missed some of your favorites. Before you download these applications I just want to inform you that BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 was here last month hope you’ve upgrade it – Click Here.

Box for BlackBerry PlayBook – By Box, Inc.

Box does a grand work pile up your documents in the “CLOUD” & allows you access them from anywhere. This is the one of the top reason why this application is one of my favorite. This is not all Box application consent to download archive & save them which permits to have an offline access as well. After downloading this application when you’ll registered you’ll be getting a 50 GB of free storage. Box is really a performer.

For online collaboration or for accessing files from anywhere, Box is a solid performer.

Click here to read more and Download Box.

Lemma for the BlackBerry PlayBook By the Pumping Lemma Company


This application is especially designed for twitter users- makes a user organized and is a great Twitter list management application which is free of cost. Lemma for BlackBerry PlayBook tablets is awesome because it is open source, you can expecr much more efficient, optimized & improved by the BlackBerry WebWorks developer community.


Click here to read more and Download Lemma


Flashlight Free – By The Jared Company

Find out if the clatter in the other room is only cat or the youth monster persistent enough using handy flashlight application

For those of us who use our BlackBerry PlayBook tablet as an alarm clock next to the bed, it’s like having an always-charging flashlight at the ready when you need it. The Jared Company’s outrageously admired application lights the LED on BlackBerry Smartphones, but on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, it immerse the entire screen in white light. Your remnant toes will thank you for downloading this application on your PlayBook.

Click here to read more and Download Flashlight Free


E! News Now for BlackBerry PlayBook – By E! Entertainment Television Inc.

Every BlackBerry PlayBook tablet customer who are keen on to go behind their favorite personality (actor, player, musician etc.) your wait is over here’s E! Get your news on the go even on BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Turn your beloved tablet into tabloid with this vigorous and dynamic application which consists of over a many daily video gossip and a “breaking news” ticker underneath of the screen.

Click here to read more and Download E! News

So how you feel about our collections of top 4 free applications for BlackBerry PlayBook ??? Please Feel free to comment on the box below to share your feedback as this will definitely help us in progressing.

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FourSquare version 5.0 – Available for BlackBerry Smartphones

Foursquare Application assists you discover the world around you. Make it possible to get together up with friends, locate places to go and Save money with Specials.

Even as on the go, you can effortlessly inform friends where you are, share pictures, get their remarks & get tips with suggested discounts and freebies to the foursquare neighborhood. Meanwhile you are checking into different places you can receive points and different badges.

FourSquare one of the popular social networking sites (after recent application updates of Facebook & Twitter application on BlackBerry Smatphones ) latest version 5.0 is officially released for BlackBerry Smartphones. This Upgrade brings a totally new graphic user interface with better GPS and overall many bugs fixes. This is a major update from the developer team of foursquare because jumping from 3.0 version to 5.0 version. Many new features have been added which undoubtedly is totally attractive and at the same time equally easy to use.

New & Updated Features –

  • Enhanced friends tab that permit to see all the latest updates from friends.
  • Modernized explorer exhibit to help users find out great places near them.
  • Superior GPS integrated system, & further updates.
  • Share your Checkin with Facebook & Twitter with just 1 click.

So just don’t wait, update your Foursquare Application to 5.0 version & start exploring different great places near you. If you had already installed this updated version tell us how was your experience overall. Also feel free to share your views about this website in the comment box below, all suggestions are welcome.

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