Complete Review of BlackBerry Z10

The BlackBerry Z10 is the first Smartphone that is equipped with all new and powerful BlackBerry 10 operating system


The BlackBerry Z10 is not just any other new BlackBerry Smartphone but is a device running on BlackBerry 10 OS providing a complete new platform experience. It in fact is BlackBerry experience re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented.

BlackBerry10 is having a gesture based user interface with innovations like BlackBerry Hub, is pushing the Smartphone experience further ahead. The BlackBerry  Z10 runs on BlackBerry 10 OS and is full touch screen device, which might be a little different when taking into consideration  more than 78 million BlackBerry subscribers using BlackBerry devices with physical keyboard.

For all those who are only in need of physical keyboard will also be getting a blackBerry10 OS running Smartphone named as BlackBerry Q10 which will soon be available in coming ways.

BlackBerry Z10 Reviews


  • BlackBerry Z10 looks stunning and performs great
  • BlackBerry 10 OS is the best BlackBerry OS till date
  • BlackBerry 10 is having best touch screen keyboard
  • BlackBerry Hub is a bright concept
  • Completely gesture-based user interface
  • App, Game and Content ecosystem enhanced on BlackBerry 10
  • LTE speed


  • While the Z10’s specs are solid all around, could have been more better lets say a quad core processor or 13MP camera and RIM could have pushed the a bit more on some of the visuals & Control over settings and notifications

Under Observation

  • Battery life
  • BlackBerry10 App store
  • Improvements
  • Support for services for eg. Google apps integration etc

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