BlackBerry 7 looking for further Market Share expansion by price reduction

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It is very obvious that RIM is trying to get its BlackBerry 7 Smartphones out its shelf before the launch of its BlackBerry 10 platform and the best way is “price reduction”, this will certainly encourage people to buy more BlackBerry Smartphone and get this entire BlackBerry package (now with the BlackBerry Messenger having voice chat, security of BlackBerry and qwerty experience etc.) with the best rate available worldwide. Although RIM has rest assured everyone that it will support BlackBerry 7 and other device even after the launch of series of BlackBerry10 Smartphones

DigiTimes reported that that RIM’s supply chain is thrilled about BlackBerry 10:

“Handset supply chain sources stated that RIM has been making changes according to trends in the smartphone market by establishing the new BlackBerry 10 platform to accommodate touch features. In addition, RIM has been adjusting service fees and no longer bundles products with plans, hence it is likely to attract more non-enterprise users. Furthermore, RIM plans to lower the price of BlackBerry 7 to expand market share.”

RIM is planning to slash down prices of BlackBerry 7 Smartphones which will encourage and attract customers and also will greatly enhance their penetration further in emerging markets especially in the Asian reason. Everyone knows that RIM has lost many subscribers due to rise in popularity of Android devices and iPhone but they’re not giving up this easy

“Handset makers noted that RIM has a strong customer base in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America to make up for the falling market share in Europe and the US.”

RIM is all prepared with their series of BlackBerry10 Smartphone to compete with the market giant such as Google’s Android and Apple iPhone, we have a strong belief in RIM and its upcoming BlackBerry10 devices.

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