Rumor: BlackBerry Z10 specifications Leaked

BlackBerry Z10

First we get to that RIM is looking for some catchy name for its first BlackBerry10 Smartphone Platform (and move away from its traditional 4 digits model name) and now we were able to get some specifications of BlackBerry L series (which is further rumored to be called as BlackBerry Z10), it might sound a little bit complicated but its not ;). Earlier we assumed that BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B device is the BlackBerry Z10 with obviously a different covering.

RIM might be adding some last minute addition to BlackBerry Z10 just to surprise everyone and obviously to help this device stand above the rest. As per the leaked information we all know that BlackBerry Z10 will be coming to us with atleast 2GB RAM & a Dual HD camera which is satisfying enough. Although we are also hoping that this RAM increasing is not because of QNX consume or need more memory to operate. Further more BlackBerry Z10 will be having 8MP HD rear and 2MP front HD camera.


Remember to share your views about this leaked specification and also tell us if these configurations are competent enough to satisfy your basic need, requirement and most importantly your expectations.

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