Upgrade BlackBerry PlayBook OS to version


RIM has released an updated version of Operating System for BlackBerry PlayBook. This is not a huge upgrade as its size is only of 37 MB and what we know is included is support for Flash & AIR for the developers, but this can’t be the only change, everyone knows few tweaks will be worked upon and many bugs fixed. This is not that  update which can revolutionize your entire interface by adding some new fun features but because of the tweaks and fixed bugs it is certainly worth upgrading to this version because update is an update and for us it does hold some value. You can check manually for the Os update or if it is set to automatic mode then a message will pop up to inform you to updated OS available.

Learn how to update BlackBerry Playbook OS :-

All the updates of BlackBerry Operating System are 100% free so you can enjoy and have fun while upgrading your BlackBerry device. For downloading this update

  • You might be getting a pop up asking you to update your PlayBook OS (If your Playbook is running on older OS and you’ve turned on “check automatic updates”)
  • Alternatively you can tap on gear icon on top right corner and confirm the new OS version under “Software Updates” option.

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