Upgrade Foursquare BlackBerry app to version 5.5.8

Foursquare application for BlackBerry Smartphone

Foursquare rolled out an update of version 5.5.8. This was due to some bugs which earlier were encountered in the version 5.5.5. Although all the user interface and changes are intact as the last one and just incase you are wondering what’s new in this updated version then the answer would be “Bugs fixed”. This latest version of Foursquare brings some bugs fixed and improvements which were associated with some location issues. This new version is supported across all BlackBerry devices irrespective of Operating system. Although I would suggest that its always better to update your application because then only you can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness while using the app. Get ready for check in for various place and show off  your Mayorship on social networks like Facebook & twitter which are integrated on Foursquare. Click on the link below to download or update your Foursquare to version 5.5.8 right from BlackBerry App World.

Click to : Download Foursquare version 5.5.8

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