BlackBerry10 with a new information page raises expectations


With the release date of BlackBerry10 coming closer and closer we are seeing some changes that raises our expectations and hope. Recently RIM gave a face lift to BlackBerry10 page which is having a small glimpse of BlackBerry10 device. As we all know this might be the last hope for RIM with this new device and Smartphone and RIM is trying their best to attract customers and prospect clients to their BlackBerry 10 coverage network. RIM was already promoting their BlackBerry10 platform on various social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc and also through events like BlackBerry JAM and several events like Gameathon etc to spread the awareness about this new Platform and its all great aspects in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

RIM has also added few pages that give us a small peak of BlackBerry10 Smartphones but I you have noticed that this sneak peek or glimpse is somewhat different of what we have seen till now but on the same hand I doubt that the BlackBerry L series leaks were still not the end product in terms of hardware but all our speculation will come to an end after the release of this smartphone. If you want to get updated about all news and development in terms of BlackBerry10 then you can click on the link below to stay updated. Meanwhile we will also be looking forward to hear from your side.

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