More Leaked images for BlackBerry 10 L-Series


As the release date for BlackBerry10 is coming near more leaked images are getting viral over the internet and we got some for our dear readers. BlackBerry10 L-Series in the above image is photographed just next to Samsung Galaxy Note, Nokia Lumia 920 and iPhone5. We know everything about BlackBerry10 L-Series by now and can easily compare how these gadgets will look beside each other in appearance.

Following are the image compilation of RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 L-Series Smartphone and we are proudly presenting these images to you. We also want to share few details which are rumored about this device are like VPN included, less boot up time, requires merely 8 seconds (its amazing when we compare this fact to other BlackBerry Smartphone) Please Feel free to share your views and opinion about the new feature of this upcoming BlackBerry 10 L-Series device and also we would like to know your expectations about this device.

The above images will definitely give us the idea of what we should be expecting look wise as ever since the press release of this new smartphone to be release there are people debating about its sizes. We tried all the above device and want to share some of our reviews for instance Galaxy Note is much bigger and you need both your hands to use it perfectly and is pretty much bulkier than Lumia which is coming in some pretty vibrant colors which are popular among teenagers while iPhone5 is an epic in terms of technology (so as BlackBerry) and it feels much lighter and smooth navigation makes it much more convenient to use, this device is not to bulky and you can also use one hand to navigate. Please feel free to share your views with this about this fantastic device and drop in your comments below.

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