BlackBerry Messenger ranked no.1 in Asia

 BlackBerry Messenger aka BBM ranked no.1 messaging service in Asia

RIM makes a remarkable announcement at the on going BlackBerry JAM Asia where it was revealed that our favorite BlackBerry Messenger is number 1 messaging service in Asia. RIM also revealed some statistics which are very overwhelming – BBM is having more than 60 Million active customers using BlackBerry Messenger and above 29\8 Millions using group that’s not all as there are Billions of BBM messages which are send and transferred among many of the BlackBerry Customers. These Figures can not be less than accomplishment for any service provider and with RIM introducing BlackBerry10 – it look like this company is all set to compete against market giant such as iPhone and Android devices. Moreover BBM becoming number 1 in Asia, RIM can now plan and execute the strategy to be no.1 in the world. We would like to know about your views BBM getting no.1 position in Asia. Can being no.1 in world possible for RIM with its upcoming BlackBerry10 platform? There are many question which can only be answered when the time will come.  You might also be interested in reading about:-

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