Upgrade BlackBerry Bold 9900 OS officially from China Unicom

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Smartphone

All the BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphone users are getting an updated OS option now you can update your Bold 9900 to OS officially released by China Unicom. However this is an official release but we advice you to take few precautions while upgrading your BlackBerry Smartphone like taking the back up of all the important data just incase and don’t use or remove device while upgrade is in process. If you need any more assistance then please let us know, meanwhile we are providing the links which will help you to know the OS your device is running and how to install the Os on your device and this will help many of our readers you don’t know much about upgrading the BlackBerry OS. This upgrade is totally free of cost and although we are not sure what are the changes in this upgraded OS but feel free to share your findings, fixes & much more by commenting in the box below

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    I like it

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