BlackBerry Smartphone 9620 approaching Nextel Mexico in December

As per our last post we explained our readers about BlackBerry 9620 coming soon on Nextel although RIM hasn’t specified or released it full details and still slight information on it aside from the obligatory UAProf listed on RIM’s servers. We somehow were able to grab this image although this will be a QWERTY device and by looking at the above image we are informed enough that this will be an QWERTY smartphone and will run on the latest available OS7.1, at present this device is headed to release on Nextel Mexico and even they have listed this on their website.

The above Poster is almost a full specification and features sheet of BlackBerry 9620 and we all believe that this will be a cost effective and efficient smartphone that will join the BlackBerry family. However the release date with the pricing has yet not being officially announced but the rumors are that it is going to be released somewhere in December just before the release of BlackBerry’s newest platform BlackBerry10. Although you can click on the link below to keep notified about the availability of this product. This Smartphone will not be proficient enough to compete with BlackBerry10 but will definitely serve the purpose as it is intended for.

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