Upgrade BlackBerry PlayBook 4G LTE to OS

RIM has released an updated version of BlackBerry Playbook Operating System, however we also informed our readers about the release of this OS during the month of November and now the time has come you can download this OS and upgrade your BlackBerry tablet for staying updated with the latest features and enjoying its updated OS. What are you waiting for upgrade your BlackBerry PlayBook 4G LTE to

OS However BlackBerry PlayBook 4G LTE has similar updates as of the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G LTE with Wi-Fi version but we will try to jolt down some major points

The OS new features:-

  • Allows Contacts, Messages, Calendar to be observe in portrait orientation
  • Deep Folder Hierarchy – PIM
  • Support of BlackBerry Bridge to view SMS’s on the PlayBook
  • Print to Go is now capable of working across different networks
  • Android apps will run on separate windows instead of 1 window
  • Android apps Capable of using PlayBook camera
  • Support for making in-app payments within Android applications
  • Permits Wi-Fi for Bridge communication between devices if on same network

If you’re one of the proud owner of BlackBerry PlayBook 4G then you can click on that update button to start downloading the latest OS and enjoy all the new features!

Learn how to update BlackBerry Playbook OS :-

All the updates of BlackBerry Operating System are 100% free so you can enjoy and have fun while upgrading your BlackBerry device. For downloading this update

  • You might be getting a pop up asking you to update your PlayBook OS (If your Playbook is running on older OS and you’ve turned on “check automatic updates”)
  • Alternatively you can tap on gear icon on top right corner and confirm the new OS version under “Software Updates” option.

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