Download Opera Mini 7.1 for BlackBerry with Resumable Downloads

Opera is one of the most popular web browser on smartphones these day and team Opera has consistent in developing various technologies that can help people to get most out of their browsing experience especially on BlackBerry and other platforms and today is the big day because they have announced their much anticipated browser version with the release of Opera 7.1 for BlackBerry Smartphones.

Opera 7.1 comes with many improvements and new features

  • New Interface – New interface with new design gives a sleek and modern looks
  • Resumable Download – You can resume your download from where you’ve left off, no need to start downloading from the beginning. (i.e Download can be paused and then can be resume again) which will certainly help when either the connection drops or you have a very big file to download, so now its very easy to start the download from where you’ve left it.
  • Speedy Browser One of the faster browsers that is available for smartphones and with certain improvements, you can enjoy the speed with efficiency in Opera 7.1
  • Browse with ease – With a light and easy interface which helps you to access internet the same way as desktop browsers with smooth user interface.
  • Save Money – Opera compression technology helps you to save money by compressing the data and which not only helps in speedy transfer but also helps in minimizing the data cost.
  • Easy to use – Automatically sync bookmarks, Speed Dial etc with computer or mobile devices via Opera Link.
  • Social Network Integration – With built in support for Facebook & Twitter makes it real easy for you to share content with your family &  friends.

Click: Download Free Opera 7.1

So what are you waiting for click on the above link to download Opera Mini 7.1, so get ready to for some smart mobile browsing directly from your BlackBerry Smartphone. Thankyou for all your precious comments and feedback and we’re trying our best to make this website useful.

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