BlackBerry 10 Launch Event on 30th January, 2013!

Research In Motion through its press release told the world about the launch date of much awaited BlackBerry10 in its launch event which is all set to take place on January 30th, 2013. This launch event will take place in several countries at the same time. All to have to do is to resist buying any gadget (exactly like me or save more) during this festive season because BlackBerry10 devices are not that far away and will serve all your purpose and we all are very much excited about this BlackBerry10.

Key features of BlackBerry10 devices disclose lately include:

BlackBerry Flow and BlackBerry Hub
BlackBerry Flow permits seamless navigation between applications & BlackBerry Hub. All notifications, feeds, messages etc. will be there in BlackBerry Hub where you can have a look into notification easily while working on other application or something.

BlackBerry Keyboard

This new Keyboard will learn the way you write & adapt itself as per your typing style and speed so that you can write not only faster but far more accurately. This will be legendary experience while typing on BlackBerry’s new keyboard with BlackBerry10.

BlackBerry Balance

Graceful way to assure customer & corporate requirements without compromising. Keep your personal applications and information separate from work (by switching the profile simply) The profile will be encrypted and secure which will help organization to guard their content and applications while customers will get the maximum advantage of their smartphone.

If you want to have more information & details about BlackBerry10 you can click here to visit BlackBerry official site and get to know everything about this fantastic device with its brand new platform, for which millions are waiting to grab their hands on this one of the superior device which RIM has produced as well as marketed so rigorously. Please feel free to share your views and comments about this launch event of BlackBerry10  with us and our readers. Meanwhile you might also be interesting in reading about –

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