Battery Watch Application for BlackBerry Smartphone

Battery Watch as the name signifies application for keeping a track of battery. This is an application which helps to you by providing a quick overview about the battery in your BlackBerry device. This application is totally free of coast and has many of the unique features which are not there in some of the premium application too.

Battery Watch Features:

  • Display battery status
  • Battery discharge by chart visualization
  • Integrate it into native BlackBerry applications
  • Battery icon to indicate battery level or state (fully charged, charging or unplugged).
  • Low Battery warnings (customizable)

Battery Information Displayed:

  • Battery Level
  • Battery Removable
  • Battery Status
  • Battery Temperature
  • Battery Voltage
  • Device Name
  • Device PIN

Click: Download Free

 All the above features are having visualization support apart from that battery indicator icon make it real easy to figure it out that the battery is fully charged or even low battery warnings. This application is having good graphical interface and very easy controls also which will help you monitor the battery consumption of your device easily. However this application is only created for BlackBerry devices but not tablets so at present it is not compatible with BlackBerry Playbook. Although there are some rumors that the team is working on it and in future we can expect compatibility with tablet also.

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