BeBuzz Free – LED Light Colors Application for BlackBerry Smartphone

Notification LED is one of the certain features that separate BlackBerry smartphones from rest of the smartphone devices. Green Led light indicates the network and red indicates alerts while blue led light indicates  the Bluetooth is on and like wise. What if you can have the power to make your customize LED alerts for different contacts? Not only this will make your device a little bit different and makes you aware just by looking at the led while the others might be thinking about these different LED light which you having on your device. Get ready as I present you BeBuzz – an application which will help you to manage BlackBerry notification LED.

BeBuzz can introduce some unique features in your BlackBerry Smartphone

  • Recuring Audible Notifiers,
  • Popup Notifiers,
  • Text-to-Speech and
  • Vibrate-While-Ringing


  • FREE version has a limitation of  5 contacts.
  • 20 predefined solid LED
  • 12 rapid flashing LED
  • Set different colors for email, Sms, call from your important contact
  • Produce infinite number of LED color combinations.
  • Pile 2 LED colors for variations
  • Recurring Notifiers: that keep on repeating until you recognize them
  • On-Screen Popup Notifiers
  • Text-to-Speech function will read your messages out for you
  • Vibrate or produce sound on call connect or even disconnect
  • Fully customizable
  • Low on battery

Download – BeBuzz Free

If you still want to know more about this application I would like to inform you that till date this application had been downloaded more than 20 Million times and has even grab various awards and still is one of the most popular application on Blackberry App World. Now be ready to customize those LED as per your imagination – Red for the Boss, pink for your girlfriend or wife (or both 😛 – but will suggest you to keep LED different & don’t get confused) or blue for kids etc.

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