Finger Scanning Lock for BlackBerry Smartphone

Ever wished for hi-tech security lock for your BlackBerry smartphone? Then we would like to present this amazing application “Scanner Lock” which can provide you the complete security for all your important data which is their in your device. Scanner lock is an exceptional lock that has the power to scan your finger prints and then permits you to have the access on your Smartphone. This can make you tension free and you don’t have to worry of anyone using your smartphone in your absence or having full access to all your important data which may include text messages or your contacts or your other details, which can bring the balls surely in your court as you can be the one to decide who can have the access to your phone hence preventing each and every unauthorized access.

Scanner Lock Features:

  • Detects the number of scan
  • Effective User Interface
  • Voice incorporation
  • Vibration Alert
  • Auto Lock

 Click : Download Scanner Lock

Note: Now as you know till now there is no such Scan technology available on any device and just by installing a software makes your device compatible and working with scan is a kind of foolishness but don’t worry this application “Scanner lock” doesn’t scan the finger print but detects the finger to scan. So next time you can easily impress your friend and colleagues and make them believe that your Smartphone is so smart and secure that it detects your finger prints. Apart from the visualization while scanning the voice alert is enough to make you believe that your device scans your finger prints. You can have security lock also so what are you waiting for do not recall any boring lock further and select the best – Scanner Lock.

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