FIPS Security Certification to BlackBerry10

BlackBerry10 recieves FIPS security certification after entering carrier lab testing. RIM makes an official announcement while the release of the BlackBerry10 is all the way next to first quarter of year 2013.

BlackBerry10 has received FIPS 140-2 certification that means it is completely secured and is all set to meet up with all the strict security standards set by government agencies and enterprises. This level of Security official recognition is very rare and is itself a milestone because no other mobile solution is (forget equal) even near it, this is the one of the major reason which differentiate BlackBerry from rest of mobile devices in security, data transmission and certified encryption.

This is surely an achievement and this will certainly help RIM to prove itself in the reputation of being the most secure Operating System that can be trusted in the government, enterprise and consumer sectors.Pleasae share your feedback with us, and all your opinions and comments are well read and appreciated by our team member. Keep it up and help us to grow with all your support.

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