Access Pandora Radio with Apollo on BlackBerry PlayBook

Although Pandora is a customizable radio which can be set to play only the music which you want and it’s totally free. Till now Pandora radio can only be accessed by Android users and iOS users and not BlackBerry users which is a little bit sad but not any more as you with the help of a Third Party Application you can have a unlimited access of this amazing application “Pandora” so what are you waiting for get going!

Features of Apollo:

  • Users can now create new accounts on Pandora
  • Users can also Sign in with already existing accounts
  • Create or Delete stations
  • Create or delete Bookmark  songs & artist
  • Like or dislike the songs
  • pass over song (upto 6 skips per hour per station)
  • View all the recent tracks for every stations
  • Make station from song or artist
  • Links to for browsing music section
  • Sort stations by name or date
  • View artist biography
  • Songs details

Download Apollo Pandora Radio

You can click on the link above to download this application from BlackBerry App world which will help you to run Pandora Radio application on your BlackBerry Playbook. Apart from these features you can also set backgrounds or audio quality statistics etc. So that’s it you have enjoy all the functions of Pandora Radio directly on your BlackBerry Playbook, however you would be glad to know that the developers are working on this application on BlackBerry10. So we thank Apollo to design such a useful application for BlackBerry users, hats of to them.

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