New leaked images of BlackBerry 10 L-Series

This is surely not the first time we are having a look on upcoming BlackBerry L-Series leaked images. Although this image make some sense and is enough to provide us the answers of many questions as we all can see the particulars of this smartphone from the front. This is exactly the same device which was showed in the earlier leaked images of BlackBerry10 series. Although this image does not show the lock screen which we saw in the both Dev Alpha devices A & B.

 We all BlackBerry lovers are waiting eagerly for the release of this awesome smartphone BlackBerry10, which will be launched next year in the first quarter of year 2013. Although we got some specifications comparison of BlackBerry10 Dev Alpha devices, which makes sure RIM is doing its best to promote and design applications of this device JAM event etc and most importantly we are happy to know that these Smartphones are in testing phase and we are sure it won’t be too long s they just need some time to be satisfied in releasing this BlackBerry10 – a game changer in this tech world. I’m just hoping that this wait should not be too long.

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