GasBuddy Version 3.0 for BlackBerry Smartphone

 GasBuddy is a application that is designed for BlackBerry Smartphone users to find out and compare Gas prices as per the location and availability near them. GasBuddy version 3.0 was in testing phase in the beta zone for over a month and now they have released the GasBuddy 3.0 in the BlackBerry App World. You can click on the link below to download this free app and stay update about the best gas prices as per your locations. At the first look this upgraded version of GasBuddy is more user friendly and detailed too when we compared to the earlier version. There are many tweaks and many new functions that were introduced in this version to make this application very useful and user friendly. This Application is designed for US and Canada based users only and soon the developers are looking forward to introduce them in other countries after looking at the success of this application.

New Features in GasBussy 3.0

  • User Friendly Interface with more information and elegant icons
  • User profile (update your picture using camera or BBM or even gallery
  • Innovative gas page that recognize your ticket balance & prices
  • New Settings page to mange application settings
  • Zoom in for better look at gas station
  • Share gas prices with friends on BBM.
  • New uploading method to upload from photo gallery
  • Removed unnecessary clicks
  • Several tweaks & optimizations to enhance core features

Click : Download Free

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