BlackBerry10 comparison Dev Alpha A vs Dev Alpha B

During BlackBerry Jam Americas which was held at San Jose, California last month was quite a hit as we were able to find out more about the BlackBerry10 Operating system as well as the functioning of various applications on BlackBerry10. Some of the developers were lucky enough to get brand new Dev Alpha B devices in this JAM event at San Jose California.

These BlackBerry Dev Alpha B devices are not only different when it comes to appearance but also very much different when it comes to specifications. Although the hardware is still the same in both the Dev Alpha A & Dev Alpha B. You must be thinking then what is new in the Dev Alpha B device let me start with a faster processor (I still doubt will they introduce or not a Quad core processor in final product) and removable battery, not to forget the battery is also little bit bigger which means a longer battery life. Although there are many difference and I’ve tried to compile all those specifications in the image above, if by any chance I’m missing any of the specifications then please let me know or you can post in the comment box below for the information of other readers. Remember all these Dev Alpha devices are just an experiment may it be functioning or specifications of anything. Anything or Everything can be change when the final product of BlackBerry10 will be out in first quarter of year 2013.

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