Comparison BlackBerry Playbook vs. iPad 4 vs. Kindle Fire 8 HD vs. Nexus 7 vs. Surface

Recently Apple released their much awaited tablet group iPad Mini and iPad4, although there are many tablets competing against each other to top the chart in term of popularity and technology by raising the bar of features & specifications and lowering down the price range. Research In Motion is in no hurry to jump into this race as it is totally focusing on the promotion of BlackBerry10. Although there are several big names which are competing against themselves like Nexus, Kindle Fire, Surface, iPad and Playbook, so today we’ll be comparing all the features, specifications, price etc of the above tablet to get a complete overview just in case any of our reader is planning to but the best one as per his requirements.

There are rumors in the gadget market that “NEXUS 10” (which is manufactured by Samsung) can be released by Google very soon. While Amazon is doing good with its Kindle Fire 8 HD and is one of the tough competitors to beat. Microsoft with its Surface tablet released could be as victorious as Xbox or disaster-prone as Zune. On the other hand Apple released their much awaited iPad Mini and iPad 4. Now if you are looking for new in BlackBerry Playbook then I must tell you that rumors are RIM is working on the specs of BlackBerry PlayBook to make it more lighter with wider screen (just like Apple) but we don’t think that it could be any sooner before the launch of BlackBerry10 which is scheduled for a launch in the First quarter of year 2013.

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