BlackBerry Government Forum will show Future Technology of BlackBerry

As we all are aware about the fact that Research In Motion is doing its best to promote BlackBerry 10, by creating awareness and anticipation among the smartphone industry, but wait there is more as RIM is also promoting its BlackBerry10 to various organizations and businesses, and as per the information we received some of the invitations were sent to Ottawa which are some important public figures & people representing the government. On November 7th the  BlackBerry Government Forum 2012 will be held in Fairmont Chateau Laurier.

In this even RIM executives will be giving a demonstration about the future technology of BlackBerry and how is it going to effect the people, that’s not there are few special prizes which will be handed over to few lucky ones. BlackBerry remains well-built in Parliament Hill, to the extent that every new member gets a BlackBerry when that member starts working there. We are sure strategy of these presentations will promote the future technology of Research In Motion and BlackBerry 10 are a incredible way to build confidence and reputation among the people especially when they are having some tough competition from Google’s android and Apple’s iOS.

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