Trapeez – Tumblr Application for BlackBerry

Now BlackBerry users can access Tumblr through an application which is specially designed for this purpose only. Kisai labs make an announcement about releasing Trapeez (which is a tumblr application) for BlackBerry device. Many of you might not be aware of this fact that Kisai Labs are the one who are behind the one of the popular BlackBerry Playbook Twitter application, and with the announcement of adding yet another application into its application lists.

Tumblr is one of the popular social networking website which offers micro blogging platform to its users (it also supports multimedia content). Earlier there were many queries from the users asking about a dedicated application for tumblr, which can certainly make things easy for them.

 Kisai Labs however announced that soon the BlackBerry users will be getting Trapeez but the date is yet not being confirmed. But as soon after its release users with the help of Trapeez application you will be able to post some multimedia content (photos and videos), also can look into their blog & can randomly post their message. Initially we’ll be provided with the beta version of Trapeez which will soon be available for the users and developers, and based upon the feedback there will be final changes and then it will be released to download through BlackBerry App World. Trapeez will be available for BlackBerry7, BlackBerry10 and BlackBerry Playbook.

If you are really looking forward to get some more information on Trapeez, than you can get into action just by clicking on the link below and providing your email address so that you can get all the recent updates, information about the release date etc.

Click For More info on Trapeez

Aren’t you excited about this completely dedicated tumblr application coming on BlackBerry devices? did you like the name “Trapeez “?  just drop in your comments below so that other readers can very well get an idea about your views and expectations from trapeez. Meanwhile you might also be interested in reading about

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