Gameplay3d v1.5 available for download on Github

GaemPlay is a open source, cross platform free 3Dimensional Game Engine and you must be aware of the fact when GamePlay3D version 1.4 update was announced by Research In Motion all the way back in August 2012. GamePlay 3D is an open source, Cross platform game development providing designed for indie developers. Since after its launched and having various update and spending lot of time working on it by various developers. RIM was able to get an abundance of feedback, opinions & assistance from the development community from all over the world which helped RIM to release Gameplay3d v1.5 available for download on Github. Since this is an updated version users can expect many changes and new features in this updated version. We will try to highlight some extraordinary and new features in this new version

GamePlay 3D v1.5 Features

  • Support for Linux OS
  • Linux development environment
  • Vehicle physics support
  • Gamepad support for Xbox360, PS3 and Bluetooth HID controllers
  • Touch gesture support
  • Configurable with anti-aliasing support
  • Gameplay tests application for learning engine features.
  • Community forums at
  • File formats documentation for game.config .scene, .particle, .animation, .material, .animation, .physics, .particle
  • Visual Studio Plug-in (beta) support for BlackBerry PlayBook 2.1 and BlackBerry 10

Although we’ve tried to summarize the above specifications, so we will suggest you to click on the link of following website for gaining all the details in full.

Click Here: ToLearn more about GamePlay 3D v1.5

There are few speculations about the next update which can include some unique features such as AI path finding through navigation meshes, Water & Terrain and last but not the least Asset Pipeline developments. This is a perfect opportunity for all the game developer who are willing to go for cross-platform game developments and which will obviously comprise of BlackBerry devices in the list of supported devices, Gameplay3d v1.5 is packed will full features and ready to show its efficiency with effectiveness that is bound to make your developer dreams come true.

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