Best Buy BlackBerry Bold 9790 at bargain prices in the UK


If you are planning to purchase a new BlackBerry Smartphone or planning to upgrade your movie device, then this is a perfect opportunity for you as many retailers in UK are selling BlackBerry Bold 9790 at a perfect bargain price you won’t want to miss.

The Best deal is provided by Orange which has got BlackBerry Bold 9790 on sale for only £229.99 plus a £10 top up & although Carphone Warehouse is giving Bold 9790  at a somewhat higher at £279.99 plus the £10 top up. So when we look at buying a sim free the device will certainly cost you roughly £300 that is why above deals are the best in market & at a bargain price where apart from buying a good smartphone you will be getting is a great value for the money.

Almost every other network has released the all new BlackBerry OS 7.1 which makes this device very fun to use while providing great efficiency in multi tasking. As the Holiday season is approaching why not getting this Smartphone for your near and dear ones?

When BlackBerry Curve 9360 is selling at £179.99 on Orange, we would certainly recommend all our readers to go for BlackBerry Bold 9790 by spending some extra money, not only you will get a better built but also a high end Smartphone at a best buy price. This high end smartphone will be having a good Battery backup, camera, touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard what more do you want? Click on the following link to Order your BlackBerry Bold Smartphone from Orange and Carphone Warehouse.

Click to buy BlackBerry Bold 9790 from Orange
Click to buy BlackBerry Bold 9790 from Carphone Warehouse

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