BlackBerry10 Webcasts – 3 Cross Platform Development in October

After seeing the popularity and the interest in the webcasts Research In Motion is all ready to host 3 more webcasts in October to provide you all the information you will need to take complete advantage of the cross platform development for BlackBerry 10.

So we are listing the following available webcasts:

  1. Lean the use of Dojo Toolkit while working in WebWorks application – click here to learn how you can have the access to hundreds of modules just with this dominant 3.8kb JavaScript framework. The date is October 16, 2012 Tuesday at 11:00 am EST, 8:00 am PST. Click to Register for this webcast.
  2. Learn to use WebWorks Applications with the help of Enyo.js framework in BlackBerry10 – discover the importance of Enyo framework which is exclusively designed for touch in this educational webcast session. Date is October 17, 2012 Wednesday at 11:00 am EST, 8:00 am PST. Click to Register for this webcast.
  3. Learn how to run Android Applications on BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry10 – Learn how to effortlessly repackage your existing Android applications and make them run on BlackBerry devices, if you are really eager to learn about the same then don’t miss this educational webcast. This webcast is scheduled for October 18, 2012 Thursday at 1:30 pm EST, 10:30 am PST. Click to Register for this webcast.

If you are a true BlackBerry Lover and really eager to learn some new stuff then I am sure you will not miss these webcasts and it is definitely a must watch webcast for all the inspiring developers that want to make some application on the much awaited BlackBerry 10 platform! Last month also RIM organized the webcast for developers for informing them all about NFC.  So what are your plans for this webcast, aren’t you excited or are you having some different plans for this webcast, please share your views with other readers by commenting in the box below.

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