Upgrade BlackBerry Curve 9320 and BlackBerry Torch 9860 OS Officially Virgin Mobile France

BlackBerry Curve 9320 Smartphones users can upgrade Operating system of their Smartphones Officially. This OS version is released officially by Virgin Mobile France. BlackBerry Torch 9860 Smartphones users can also upgrade their Operating system to OS which is officially released by Gibtelecom.

Click on the above links to download the latest BlackBerry Operating system as per the smartphone you are using, and for all the users who either don’t know how to check the OS of the BlackBerry Smartphone and you don’t know how to install Operating system on your BlackBerry Smartphone, don’t have top worry they can just click on the link below. Always remember to create a backup before upgrading your BlackBerry smartphone just incase the update is not successful or you encounter any other problem.

Click: To learn how to install BlackBerry OS

Click: To learn how to check the BlackBerry Smartphone OS
As for now we don’t know anything about the changes in this OS but as usually you can expect lots of tweaks and bug fixes in this updated Operating System. Please feel to express your views with us. For all recent updates Follow us on Facebook Twitter, Pinterest and now you can also find us on Google+


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