RIM organizing 3 BlackBerry developer webcasts – Come learn all about NFC!

Are you one of the developer and trying to learn more about NFC and wondering the possibility of integrating this technology in your application then you don’t have to worry anymore as RIM is here to rescue you as RIM is all set to organize not one but 3 BlackBerry developer webcasts which will be starting from 4th October 2012 through these webcasts you will be able to learn all about NFC (basics to the advance level – everything) and learn the advance methods such as how to integrate NFC with BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry10. There will be in total 3 webcasts which will be organizing for developers as per particular topics –

  • Introduction to NFC on BlackBerry – A synopsis of NFC technology, It’s uses and what type of skills and knowledge required to take advantage of most of it
  • Working with NFC tags on BlackBerry 10 – Observe NFC tags and learn how developers can write, read and get contents from BlackBerry10 apps.
  • Working with NFC tags on BlackBerry 7– This will pursue the similar structure as the BlackBerry 10 conference, designed for BlackBerry 7 applications.

This could be your perfect opportunity to learn more about NFC and getting most out of it by implementing it in applications which would be designed for BlackBerry7 and BlackBerry10 application. So what are you waiting for learn more about NFC by the help of these webcasts. All you have to do is to get yourself registered by clicking on the link below (if you want to get more information also click on the same link to register)

Click to: Learn more and register

So what are your plans for this webcast? are you interested in this webcast organized by RIM. Please feel free to drop in your comments in the message box below, and keep providing us your precious feedback.

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