Officially Upgrade BlackBerry Bold 9900 to OS from Telenor Serbia

An upgrade to Operating System for BlackBerry Bold 9900 Smartphone users is now available to download free of cost as it is officially released by Telenor Serbia, This Official OS version is, We don’t know much about the changes in this OS update but since this is an updated version, we expect some tweaks and minor bugs fixed which will ultimately help us all to get the best of our smartphone in term of effectiveness and efficiency.

If you don’t know on which OS your BlackBerry Bold 9900 is working then click on this link to learn how to check the OS of your BlackBerry Smartphone and if it turns out that your device is running on an older OS then it is time to upgrade it to this OS version. For BlackBerry users who don’t know how to install OS on their BlackBerry Smartphones click on this link to learn how to install BlackBerry OS on your Smartphone. Click on the link below to download this Official OS from Telenor Serbia.

Note: Always remember to take a backup of all your important data (like contacts and important files) before upgrading the OS of your BlackBerry smartphone just in case if the update is not successful or if there is some problems while updating your smartphone.

Download Bold 9900 OS from Telenor Serbia

Recently we also posted about two more official OS upgrade available for BlackBerry Bold 9900 Smartphone, if you want to update to those OS version it depends upon you and your choice may be due to the carrier releasing it, have a look

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