RIM released BlackBerry10 Browser and App World Demo Video

RIM releases BlackBerry 10 Browser (Demo Video)

The BlackBerry Browser is surely one of the features that RIM has been looking to improve and guess what now they have successfully enhanced their browser effectiveness and efficiency in their much awaited BlackBerry10, we got this demo video which RIM released in BlackBerry JAM Americas which is going on in San Jose, California.  Matthew Staikos from Research in Motion displays how quickly & softly websites loads on this new browser. Apart from surfing the internet browser can do more cool stuff like sharing to social networks and even more (which I think is the first time). Just click on the Video Below to see all the awesome features of this BlackBerry10 browser.

BlackBerry App World on BlackBerry 10 (Demo Video)

Apart from the fastest browser on BlackBerry10 RIM also gave its entire user a sneak peek about all new BlackBerry App World which will be making its debut in BlackBerry10. This new App world has new storefront User Interface that apart from providing access to apps & games will now also have movies, TV shows & music. For me that is surely fantastic, also users will now can make most out of this BlackBerry10’s new App World.

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