Will NFC compromise BlackBerry Security ?

Recently at the USecWest’s Mobile Pwn2Own contest there was a shocking exposure (we will come back to it) and it was revealed NFC or Near Field Communications technology can also be used to install malicious application which might be threat to all your precious and important data which can be compromised at time on any infected Smartphone.

MWR Labs verified the abuse on a Samsung Galaxy S3. Just imagine a scenario: “Any hacker (or someone dangerous) bumps into you with his phone having malicious software & an attack file on his device, the malicious phone will comes near with your Smartphone & before you know it will be as easy as it could get and the scandalous person will have complete access and all the control over all your vital data and information stored on the Smartphone.” As we got into more details about this exploit on Samsung Galaxy S3, we got to know that this exploit was all because of the defenselessness exposed in the Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system (released by Google). It may perhaps permit an attacker to launch a malicious file to the receiving smartphone. on the other hand, On the other hand when tried on the latest Jelly Bean Operating System this exploit was not successful (so a quick word of advice – keep upgrading OS as soon as it is available you don’t know what can be vulnerable in the OS you are running – but can be rest assured that many bugs will be fixed).

All the way through NFC it was probable to upload a malicious file or software to the device, which permitted us to gain code implementation on the device & consequently to get complete control & access on the device using a 2nd susceptibility for advantage rise. Basically, NFC was a doorway for this malicious file transfer. Possibly this might be the one of the cause NFC’s reception with carriers is sluggish. NFC acts as a doorway to carious services with just a touch or bringing the other device in close range ay. Even though NFC could be possibility of an access point for hackers to gain access to BlackBerry devices by influencing a prior existing weakness in the BlackBerry Operating System?  Please Feel free to share your previous views with us and our readers what do you think about this issue, moreover what more you can expect will change in the NFC technology in near future to be safeguard its users against the hackers.

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